VCL Rating Control (Coming soon in v15.1)

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10 June 2015

We are approaching the first beta of the newest release for our VCL customers and throughout the next week, Julian and I will describe some of the features/products we'll ship in v15.1.

I'll start things off with a quick description of a new control we'll include as part of this release - the DevExpress VCL Rating Control. The control will be available in both unbound and data-aware mode and can be used on a standalone basis or as an in-place cell editor for container components such as the ExpressQuantumGrid.

DevExpress VCL Rating Control

The new Rating Control will be part of the ExpressEditors Library and will offer the following customization options: 

  • Change control orientation from horizontal to vertical.
  • Change control direction.
  • Modify the number of visual elements (stars) displayed in the control.
  • Use custom element images.
  • Use one of three element fill modes (entire star, half-star precision or fill star by the control's value)

There are a number of interesting use-cases for a Rating Control inside a Windows app. We'd love to hear how you might potentially use this control in your projects...

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