WinForms Scheduler Control - Date Navigator, Time Ruler Positioning & RTL Support (Coming soon in v16.1)

Thinking Out Loud
25 May 2016

Last week I described our WinForms Scheduler's new Agenda View...If you've not yet had the chance to see it, please take a moment to review my blog post and tell us if this layout is one you might use in your next app.

In this post, I want to describe a couple of other features we've added to our Scheduler.

WinForms Date Navigator

As you can see in the animation below, our Date Navigator (much like a Grid's data navigator) provides an alternative way to "scroll" your calendar's contents.

Time Ruler Positioning

Partly to support the next feature I'll describe but also something that might be useful for those of you using multi-day Views, our Scheduler now allows you to display its time ruler on the left or right side of the calendar.

WinForms Scheduler-Calendar Time Ruler

Right to Left Language Support

Yup - here is a feature long time in coming and to those of you in countries that use RTL, we are sorry it took so long. :) If you own an active Universal or DXperience Subscription, please download Beta 1 of v16.1 and tell us how we did with RTL implementation.

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Mohsen Shoja
Mohsen Shoja

can use Persian Calender(Hejri) in new Version of Scheduler Control?

30 May 2016
nasser 1
nasser 1

good job

The most important is calendar

persian calendar in scheduler is very important

one of the oldest and the most accurate calendar in the world fo about 2500 years ago

there are request for about 8 years ago and you are still on resources for that

scheduler without persian calendar is useless for persian coders

gantt view and gantt editor in web is very good if you provide that

for rtl only set label description location text to right align

change icons places to right

label colors should be at right

resource colors should be at right

most of UI should be mirror

your the best

31 May 2016
Mahyar T.Nouei
Mahyar T.Nouei

great! RTL Scheduler with Hijri Shamsi Calendar is necessary for Persian Developers.

i appreciate dev team effort.

24 June 2016
mostafa kh
mostafa kh

Nice work.

I appreciate your works.

Please consider Hijri calendar and "real" RTL flow direction for Persian and Arab programmers.

Thanks for your great job.

30 June 2017

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