WinForms Lookup Editor - Part 2

26 May 2016

So we had a bunch of questions come up and I figured I'd elaborate on this blog post and give you a bit more info on our updated Lookup Editor for WinForms...

Multiple Keys: No matter the number of key fields, you can easily bind your business objects to the Lookup using our new KeyMember property.

WinForms Lookup Control - Multi Key

Parent-Child Lookup Filtering: As the name implies, child Lookups can now be filtered based on values from a parent Lookup. A use-case might be an auto parts catalog, where the user must specify a year, then a make and finally a model.

WinForms Lookup Control - Parent Child

ComboBox Mode: Our Lookup now allows users to enter any value within the edit box - even those that do not exist in the Lookup's data source.

WinForms Lookup Control - ComboBox Mode

Dictionary Objects: Setup is now much easier when the Lookup's data source is a Dictionary Object.

WinForms Lookup Dictionary Object

That's about it - all in all, our standard Lookup kicks butt and takes numbers. :)

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Christopher Jay

Combobox mode for the win, guys.  The code I am using to implement this now is crazy.  Looking forward to this very much!  Thanks!

26 May, 2016
Noufal Aboobacker 1

How about WPF. As more more and more developers are switching to wpf I believe it's time to offer all these features for wpf counterpart as well

26 May, 2016
Oleg Mironov (dbc)

That is a very great addition. I use those scenarios a lot and had to use my own logic behind. With this new features it will be more simple.


27 May, 2016
jerome crevecoeur

Parent-Child Lookup Filtering:

My opinion is when you change the Parent , the child must to be set to null (or an option to do that)

27 May, 2016
Steve Sharkey

I love all these "small" refinements - they really ensure there is always a high level of excitement around update time.

27 May, 2016

I would love the ComboBox Mode in XAF.

29 May, 2016
Mark Couvaras

I agree with Noufal, WPF is the way forward...I admire Devexpress for not abandoning winforms but it's had its time to be fair. This update has no new controls just spreadsheet stuff bah:))

2 June, 2016

I for one have no desire to move to WPF, so keep up the excellent work you are doing with WinForms... :)

10 June, 2016
prasad kunwar

How do I disable the combo box mode?

We are having an issue where in the past look up edit being used in auto complete mode used to not let user leave it blank or enter anything and now it does and hence it blows up when code tries to save it to DB.



23 December, 2016

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