WinForms Lookup Editor - Part 2

Thinking Out Loud
26 May 2016

So we had a bunch of questions come up and I figured I'd elaborate on this blog post and give you a bit more info on our updated Lookup Editor for WinForms...

Multiple Keys: No matter the number of key fields, you can easily bind your business objects to the Lookup using our new KeyMember property.

WinForms Lookup Control - Multi Key

Parent-Child Lookup Filtering: As the name implies, child Lookups can now be filtered based on values from a parent Lookup. A use-case might be an auto parts catalog, where the user must specify a year, then a make and finally a model.

WinForms Lookup Control - Parent Child

ComboBox Mode: Our Lookup now allows users to enter any value within the edit box - even those that do not exist in the Lookup's data source.

WinForms Lookup Control - ComboBox Mode

Dictionary Objects: Setup is now much easier when the Lookup's data source is a Dictionary Object.

WinForms Lookup Dictionary Object

That's about it - all in all, our standard Lookup kicks butt and takes numbers. :)

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