DevExpress Dashboard - Range Filter Enhancements (Coming soon in v16.1)

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08 June 2016

If you've used our Dashboard for .NET, you're likely familiar with its Range Filter Control and associated capabilities. If you've never used our Dashboard, the Range Filter Control makes it a breeze for users to specify custom date-time periods. In addition to date-time selection, it provides an elegant snapshot of underlying data (so users can quickly determine points of interest/peaks and valleys in their data).

With our v16.1 release, we've extended the capabilities of our Range Control with "time period" filtering options (when users need to filter for periods such as "last year" or "this month"). These predefined periods can be either relative or absolute and of course, you can create custom periods where necessary.

DevExpress Dashboard Range Filter Control

Available Periods in the Range Filter Control can be specified within the DevExpress Dashboard Designer:

DevExpress Dashboard for .NET - Range Control Periods

When predefined periods do not meet your needs, you can easily create a custom period...

DevExpress Dashboard for .NET - Custom Range Filter Periods

New Background Charts and Arrangement

To help improve data visualization and enhance the overall usability of the Range Filter Control, v16.1 includes 3 new background chart options (Bar, Stacked Bar and Full-Stacked Bar) and important changes to both Line and Area background charts.

DevExpress Dashboard for .NET - Range Filter Control - Bar Chart Background

The arrangement algorithms used to draw charts have been changed so that all argument labels are placed below chart points. The step between labels now shrinks/grows based upon the width of the Range Filter. For example, if Range Filter width shrinks, the step used will be enlarged from days to months...quarters to years.

DevExpress Dashboard for .NET - Range Filter Background Chart Arrangement

Finally, the Dashboard's coloring feature can be applied to the Range Filter Control as it now shares all the global colors with other Dashboard items such as Charts and Pies.

As always, we'd love your feedback - please do tell us what you think about these upcoming enhancements.

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