XtraGrid/ExpressQuantumGrid Users: Is QA testing important to you?

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22 August 2007

Are you using the XtraGrid or ExpressQuantumGrid in your applications? Do you wish these grids were easier to test for quality assurance?

You'll be happy to know that creating and running tests on these grids has just gotten easier. AutomatedQA has announced extended support for grid controls including the XtraGrid and ExpressQuantumGrid.

In TestComplete 6, the support for grid controls has been dramatically improved. TestComplete 6 includes specific program objects that provide scripting access to the most popular grid controls:

Developer Express XtraGrid
Developer Express QuantumGrid

These program objects provide scripting access to grids’ cells and contain methods that let you simulate user actions over the grid windows: clicking cells, expanding and collapsing rows, sorting data and so on.

Unlike previous versions of TestComplete, version 6 records scripts using these methods, which makes the script more readable and configurable.

You can find more information on their What's New page and the corresponding blog entry where you can download the beta.

You might want to check out the several articles they've written on testing the XtraGrid Suite and ExpressQuantumGrid Suite.


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