RichEdit Control Imports OOXML And Exports To PDF

11 February 2010

A question came in today to our email asking:

I am looking for a solution that would allow me to import an OOXML file and then export it as a PDF. I am hoping that XtraPrinting library would work for this. I have utilized the DXperience in the past for some development efforts and was extremely happy with the suite and with the XtraReports library. 

XtraRichEdit To The Rescue!

Yes, our RichEditControl allows you to open (import) several formats including *.rtf, *.odt or *.docx. Once loaded in the RichEditControl, you can easily export to PDF or other formats.

Test Using Demo Application

To test it, open the RichTextEdit demo from the DemoCenter application:


Then click the "Load RTF" demo under the “Data Management” category. Now, open your OOXML document to load the file (sample ooxml files). Finally, press the "Print and Export" button on the bar on top and export to PDF using your PDF export driver.

XtraRichEdit Demo 

Download Working Sample

One of our excellent support engineers, Andrew, has put together a quick and dirty little WinForms sample for you here:

Download here: Sample - XtraRichEdit Loads OOXML and exports PDF

Quick and dirty because the sample has 3 buttons. Click button 2 to load the ooxml file and button 3 to export it to PDF. The PDF export is done all using our own code so you don’t have deploy anything to your client’s machines.

Depending on your DXperience version, you may need to run the project converter on the application to sync the references with your local version number.

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Sigurd Decroos

RichEdit reads xls files? How is that possible? Or will the table support in 10.1 be so strong?

11 February, 2010
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


It's possible to import the xls if you first convert xls file to doc, rtf, docx file formats by using Word and then load it to the RichEdit.

12 February, 2010
Karl Rostock_2

Very nice feature, great work.

14 February, 2010
Hnieef fadzli

hi this is for win form. how bout web form. My client want to do in webform??

16 March, 2011
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Hnieef,

Yes, we'll implement importing ooxml for the ASPxHtmlEditor in the next major release v2011 volume 1. This release should be out around the April 2011 timeframe.


16 March, 2011

Is the same this apply in version

I have to build a HTMLeditor with an option "create PDF".

But i unable to take your updated version so is it possible here.

if ,yes please send me correct way how i will do as soon ?

Before,someone discuss about a richedit control thought that i'll do it but here i am nt found any demo or anything related it .


10 February, 2012
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

I would recommend posting that question to the support center:


10 February, 2012

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