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17 March 2009

... do like the Romans do. That's what they say, isn't it? Well, I'm not sure I've met too many Romans, since it's hard for me to distinguish them from the other Italians. But one of the cases where I'm pretty sure about somebody being Roman would be the taxi driver who got me to the hotel from the airport, and I'd rather not do as he did – more to the point, I think I'd be arrested pretty quickly in most countries if I did!

Anyway, I survived, and now I'm waiting to do my sessions in the afternoon today. About 90 people signed up for the main event apparently, and another 50 or so turned up yesterday evening for the community sessions. The same will happen tonight, so it's really a 12 hour day altogether for those attendees who stay for the duration. Quite a marathon!

Finally, now I know what Gary was always getting at with his comments about the Germans. He says they go "gibberish gibberish Visual Studio gibberish" all the time – and he's right, that's exactly what Italians sound like to me! Funny how the languages mix when it comes to technology. Apparently even Microsoft doesn't see the need to translate product and technology names into non-English languages... I guess that's a good thing. An automated translation service tells me that .NET would otherwise be "red punteadapunteggiare la rete" in Italian, which doesn't sound like an improvement to me. :-)

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