WPF - Office 2019 Themes and Simplified Ribbon (v19.1)

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07 May 2019

With the release of Office 2019, Microsoft refreshed the appearance of Office applications. The DevExpress v19.1 WPF Controls can replicate this appearance for your projects.

Office 2019 Themes

The following four new Office 2019-inspired themes were added to our WPF Theme collection:

  • White
  • Colorful
  • Dark Gray
  • Black

Office 2019 Themes

Ribbon Control

Office 2019 Style

Our WPF Ribbon Control introduced a new Office 2019 style that closely matches the Ribbon in latest versions of Microsoft products.

Office 2019 Ribbon Styles

Simplified Mode

As you probably know, this is what our Ribbon Control normally looks like:

Ribbon Control

For the v19.1 release, we extended it with the Simplified Mode. In this mode, your end-users have more screen space for application content since the Ribbon appearance is more compact:

Simplified Ribbon Mode

You can control Ribbon item visibility with the attached property SimplifiedModeSettings.Location. Items can be shared between modes or visible only in a particular mode. This code snippet illustrates a configuration where the Paste and Copy buttons are always visible, Cut only in the classic Ribbon style and Delete in a combination on locations.

<dxr:RibbonControl RibbonStyle="Office2019" ToolbarHideSeparators="True">
    <dxr:RibbonPage Caption="Home">
      <dxr:RibbonPageGroup Caption="Clipboard">
        <dxb:BarButtonItem x:Name="btnPaste" Content="Paste"
          dxr:SimplifiedModeSettings.Location="All" />
        <dxb:BarButtonItem x:Name="btnCut" Content="Cut"
          dxr:SimplifiedModeSettings.Location="Classic" />
        <dxb:BarButtonItem x:Name="btnCopy" Content="Copy"
          dxr:SimplifiedModeSettings.Location="All" />
      <dxr:RibbonPageGroup Caption="Font">
        <dxb:BarButtonItem x:Name="btnDelete" Content="Delete"
          dxr:SimplifiedModeSettings.Location="ClassicAndOverflowMenu" />


The Simplified Ribbon uses a new 20x20 pixel icon size. This change is designed to make the user experience more accessible. If you don’t have 20x20 sized icons, you can still use the classic 16x16 pixel size.

20x20 Icons

Please Tell Us What You Think

Follow this link to see the Ribbon Controls in action (you need an installation of DXperience v19.1 Beta with demos on your machine): Ribbon UI Demo

Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think of the new features.


Please use the link below to register for our upcoming WPF webinar, where all new features of the v19.1 release are demonstrated.

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