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09 May 2019

The new Search Panel for the WPF Data Grid ships with a redesigned UI and has been engineered to be more compact and informative.

If you have a v19.1 beta installation on your machine, you can follow this link to the SearchPanel Demo. Documentation for the new features is also available.

New UI

We replaced buttons with icons to make the Search Panel more compact. At the same time, this change results in an appearance common to standard Windows applications.

SearchPanel Icon UI

Integration With The Group Panel

Prior to v19.1, the Search Panel occupied its own space, possibly in addition to the Group Panel. We optimized this by integrating the Search Panel into the Group Panel, so that more space is available to data rows in the Grid. The new property SearchPanelPosition specifies how the Search Panel is shown.

Group Panel Integration

Result Info

In spite of its more compact appearance, the Search Panel is now more informative. If you set the property ShowSearchPanelResultInfo to true, it displays the total number of matches and the index of the current match.

Search Panel Result Info

What’s Next

For v19.2 we are working on new settings that will allow you to change how the Data Grid parses text strings entered in the Search Panel, similar to the WinForms features announced in this post.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts about the new functionality. Feel free to comment below or open a Support Center ticket for further discsusion.


Please use the link below to register for our upcoming WPF webinar, where all new features of the v19.1 release are demonstrated.

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