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11 October 2019

Thank you for your great feedback this month. Like our previous tips & tricks posts, we’ve compiled a list of useful/interesting support tickets for your review. If you’d like to share a support ticket with other members of the DevExpress dev community, feel free to comment below or email us at wpfteam@devexpress.com.

Performance Related Support Tickets

WPF Data Grid and WPF Tree List

WPF Charting and Maps

WPF Docking

Other Controls

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Stephen J White
Stephen J White
Thanks for continuing to post these, it's a great help since so many useful things get posted in the support center.  

Not that you need to right now, but if you ever redesign the support center, you should consider adding a feature that allows your staff to tag tickets that look like they will be useful tips and tricks and you could have them get sent out in an email every month.  I'm sure you probably thought of this yourself, but I'd definitely welcome such an email. ;) 
11 October 2019
Patrick Miller
Patrick Miller

I completely agree with Stephen, I learn allot from just browsing the support page looking at all the questions. So many things I had no idea you could do.  Some kind of tag by the staff on cool stuff would be nice down the road sometime. 


12 October 2019

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