WPF Tips & Tricks (January – February 2021)

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08 March 2021

We hope you are all doing well. Thanks for your continued support and for choosing our WPF product line.

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WPF Data Grid

WPF Ribbon

  • How to open modules in separate windows when MIF is used (T971967)

    To open a separate window within a module, use the UIWindowRegion class. Add it to the Application.Resources collection in the App.xaml file:

    <Application ... 
            <dxmvvm:UIWindowRegion x:Key="WindowsService" RegionName="Windows">
                        <dx:ThemedWindow Width="1000" Height="600" Title="Some info"/>
        new Module(AppModules.Module1, () => ModuleViewModel.Create("Module1"), typeof(ModuleView))); 
    public void Test(){
        ModuleManager.DefaultManager.InjectOrNavigate("Windows", DXApplication34.Common.Modules.Module1);

WPF Editors

WPF Property Grid

WPF Scheduler

WPF Charting

Other controls

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Andrew Tinkler
Andrew Tinkler
Thanks - very useful
17 March 2021

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