DevExpress WinUI 3 Components - Official Release, Reunion 0.5 Support & Free Offer

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30 March 2021

We are happy to announce the official release of our first WinUI 3 and Reunion 0.5 UI component suite. As I mentioned previously in my XAML Roadmap blogpost, our WinUI components will be available free of charge for a limited time. For more information on this free offer, including all terms and conditions, please visit the free offer page below.

Once registered, please review the following help topic to acquaint yourself with the product line: Get Started With DevExpress Controls for WinUI.

When you are ready to explore our WinUI demo apps, download the following installer:

What's Included

WinUI Data Grid

Our WinUI Data Grid ships with the following data editing, data shaping, and data analysis options/capabilities:

  • New Item Row
  • Input Validation & Error Indication
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Summaries & Aggregates
  • Multi-Column Sorting & Grouping/Group Intervals
  • Data Filtering, Instant Search Panel, & Auto-Filter Row
  • Multiple Row & Cell Selection
  • Column Customization
  • Context Menus


WinUI Charting

Our WinUI Chart control will allow you to address broad range of data presentation requirements. Its features include:

  • Area, Bar, and Column Charts
  • Pie, Donut, and Funnel
  • Point and Line Plots
  • High-speed Rendering for Extremely Large Datasets
  • Real-Time Data Updates
  • Chart Selection & Crosshair Cursor
  • Chart Legend, Titles & Tooltips
  • Axis/Data Labels
  • Fluid Navigation and Zoom


WinUI Scheduler

The Scheduler control features multiple calendar layouts and dozens of UI/UX options so you can deliver stunning and full-featured personal information management systems in the shortest possible time.

Our WinUI Scheduler control features multiple calendar layouts and dozens of UI/UX options. Features include:

  • Day View
  • Work Week View
  • Full Week View
  • Month View
  • Reminders
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Create and Modify Appointments
  • Resources & Resource Grouping
  • Drag & Drop Support


WinUI Ribbon Toolbar

Our WinUI component suite ships with a lightweight Ribbon Toolbar and supports the following:

  • Toolbar Buttons and Toggle Buttons
  • Menus and Sub-items
  • Integrated Data Editors
  • Tooltips
  • Responsive Layout


WinUI Data Editors

This release includes the following WinUI Data Editors:

  • Text Editor
  • Date Editor
  • Spin/Numeric Editor
  • Date Navigator
  • Range Control

DevExpress WinUI Data Editors can be used standalone or within container (such as the WinUI Data Grid). Our Data Editors support input validation and masked input with the following mask options:

  • DateTime/DateTimeAdvancingCaret
  • Numeric
  • RegEx
  • Simple


WinUI Gauges and Indicators

Easy-to-use interactive Linear and Circular gauges with built-in animations and the support for multiple value indicator types.


WinUI Barcode

The Barcode control can display 27 barcode types, including the widely used QR, UPC, and Intelligent mail. QR and PDF417 barcodes have built-in support for error correction.


WinUI MVVM Framework

DevExpress MVVM Framework is available for WinForms, WPF, and WinUI. Its WinUI version includes the following capabilities:

  • Base ViewModel and DataModel classes
  • DelegateCommand & AsyncCommand
  • Behaviors
  • EventToCommand & KeyToCommand
  • Built-In Converters
  • Messenger


WinUI 3 for UWP vs WinUI 3 for Desktop (Win32)

DevExpress WinUI controls are available for use within WinUI 3 for UWP apps. WinUI 3 for desktop (Win32) requires optimization, so we have chosen not to support it at this time. We are aware that WinUI 3 for Win32 is more appealing to desktop developers and are working with Microsoft to bring DevExpress WinUI controls to WinUI 3 for Win32 apps.

Your Feedback Matters

Are you excited about WinUI 3? Do you expect to use it in the future? Please share your thoughts below.

Free DevExpress Products – Get Your Copy Today

The following free DevExpress product offers remain available. Should you have any questions about the free offers below, please submit a ticket via the DevExpress Support Center at your convenience. We’ll be happy to follow-up.
Stefano Paparesta
Stefano Paparesta
HI Alex, is possible to use your WinUI control with UnoPlatform?
30 March 2021
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Stefano - not at this time. Should we pursue Uno support, we will definitely let everyone now. Have a great day.

31 March 2021
Tobias Johansson
Tobias Johansson
We need UNO support!
3 April 2021
Ashok Pereira
Ashok Pereira
Yes, UNO support is essential!  Infragistics has already released an Uno-specific control set.  (We had to use Syncfusion for Xamarin because Devexpress was late to *that* party...)
3 April 2021
Hi, is it possible to use the WinUI controls in a "WinUI for Desktop" project?
4 April 2021
Alex Chuev (DevExpress)
Alex Chuev (DevExpress)


WinUI 3 for Desktop (Win32) requires optimization, so we decided not to support it at this time. We are working with Microsoft to bring DevExpress WinUI controls to WinUI 3 for Win32 apps as soon as possible.



5 April 2021
Stephen J White
Stephen J White


I am going to have to unfortunately join the Uno band wagon here.


I know I spoke to you specifically in an email about the UWP controls a couple of years ago and the impression I got from you that it was hard to say what was going to become of the framework due to the mixed community reception vs Microsoft's seeming push. Now we're kind of back at the same thing with Win UI 3, but at least this time WPF should look to benefit from it... but yeah, I get it when you may not be sure about UWP itself. Uno seems to have changed that a bit though.

Uno has really taken off and I'd argue it has made UWP more attractive. I am also in the access preview for windows devs and Microsoft is doing a lot of promotion on their side for Uno, which is exciting. 

It is something to consider. I know you have a lot of other things on your plates, but I just wanted to voice my vote for Uno support. I personally would take it over Xamarin. 

6 April 2021
ahmed altayeb
+1 for UNO support!
27 April 2021
Kenny Anderson
Kenny Anderson
Another UNO fan here, please consider it for a future release.
16 July 2021
Mladen Mihajlovic
Mladen Mihajlovic
Another UNO request here :-)
2 August 2021
sean kearon
sean kearon

Yes, I definitely would like to see Uno support from DX, please.

On Dotnet Rocks, Thomas Huber talked about Uno and I think he said that Uno "just worked" with any WinUI 3 XAML controls.  The show is here:

If that's the case, then is there any reason why the DX WinUI 3 components won't work with Uno? 

15 November 2021
Alex Chuev (DevExpress)
Alex Chuev (DevExpress)

Hi Sean,

We are certainly looking at what Uno can bring to .NET developers. We will share more about our plans for the next year in a few months. Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out a new WinUI version with Windows App SDK 1.0 support, Reporting, much faster Data Grid, and more:

Download Here

List of Changes



17 November 2021
sean kearon
sean kearon
Thank you, Alex.  I'll look forwards to hearing more about your Uno plans! :)
24 November 2021
Alexander Semenyak
+1 for UNO support!
2 December 2021
+10 for UNO support!
23 December 2021
Cheng Wei 1
+1 for UNO support!
13 January 2022
+1 for UNO support!
9 February 2022

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