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14 April 2021

As you may already know, our WPF product suite includes a broad range of appearance customization options to help you address UI design requirements and deliver the best possible desktop user experience. These customization options include:

The following screenshot helps illustrate what is possible with our WPF UI components

In this sample app, we used the following features to customize the view and overall user experience:

  • Acrylic window effect was applied. 
  • Reveal highlight was applied. You can experience this effect when you hover over menu items.
  • Theme palette was applied to customize highlight, focus, selection, and other colors.
  • SVG palettes were used to style images from our gallery. 
  • Standard DevExpress WPF APIs used include:
    • Background to produce semi-transparent elements.
    • BorderThickness to remove unnecessary/unwanted border effects.
    • CornerRadius to round buttons.
    • ItemTemplate to customize ListBoxEdit items.

If you’d like to reproduce this UX or see what we did to create it, feel free to download the design template at your convenience: How to Create a Unique Design for a WPF View using Appearance Options

And if you found this sample of value and if you’d like us to produce more samples in the future, please post a comment below. Thank you.

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