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14 April 2021

As you may already know, our WPF product suite includes a broad range of appearance customization options to help you address UI design requirements and deliver the best possible desktop user experience. These customization options include:

The following screenshot helps illustrate what is possible with our WPF UI components

In this sample app, we used the following features to customize the view and overall user experience:

  • Acrylic window effect was applied. 
  • Reveal highlight was applied. You can experience this effect when you hover over menu items.
  • Theme palette was applied to customize highlight, focus, selection, and other colors.
  • SVG palettes were used to style images from our gallery. 
  • Standard DevExpress WPF APIs used include:
    • Background to produce semi-transparent elements.
    • BorderThickness to remove unnecessary/unwanted border effects.
    • CornerRadius to round buttons.
    • ItemTemplate to customize ListBoxEdit items.

If you’d like to reproduce this UX or see what we did to create it, feel free to download the design template at your convenience: How to Create a Unique Design for a WPF View using Appearance Options

And if you found this sample of value and if you’d like us to produce more samples in the future, please post a comment below. Thank you.

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Andrew Tinkler
Andrew Tinkler
Yes please - this is really helpful.  So often one goes for the bare minimum solution as 'time is few' ie not much time to pore though the documentation.... 

Tips, tricks and samples are invaluble.

I would like to see more samples that involve the world of async :)  Imagine a LayoutGroup Tab Control with 15 tabs or more, with each tab containing a collection of 40 or more Grids, Charts and other exotics.

Getting this to render in a smooth fashion (ie GUI does not freeze at all) has proven to be quite the challenge.

I would also like to see more samples with DevExpress working with gRPC as a replacement for WCF data access...
14 April 2021
Hedi Guizani
Hedi Guizani

Sorry to tell, but the devx support team is not very fun of providing samples or poc (proof of concepts)

I Hope this will change one day, a poc is worth 20 pages of docs for many of us.

14 April 2021
Liam Keller
Wow. Looks amaizing! I'm new to DevExpress and I can't believe you created this view in WPF
15 April 2021
Alexander Rus (DevExpress Support)
Alexander Russkov (DevExpress)
I appreciate your feedback. Please refer to the following example: How to Bind Data Grid to a gRPC Service. As always, you are welcome to contact us by email (support@devexpress.com) or via the DevExpress Support Center.
16 April 2021

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