FREE WinUI Controls - Windows App SDK 1.0 Support, Data Grid Performance Enhancements, and the Future (v21.2)

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02 December 2021

As you may know, Microsoft released a new version of Windows App SDK.

For those considering WinUI, we updated the DevExpress WinUI component suite and introduced Windows App SDK 1.0 support. We also added important features/capabilities to our WinUI distribution (read on to learn more).

Before we describe the update, a quick reminder that the DevExpress WinUI component suite continues to be available free-of-charge. This free offer expires on May 1, 2022. For more information, including offer terms and conditions, please visit the following web page (feel free to spread the word with friends/associates).

Once registered, please review the following help topic to acquaint yourself with the product line: Get Started With DevExpress Controls for WinUI.

When you are ready to explore our WinUI demo apps, download the following installer:

WinUI Component Suite - New Features

You can find a complete list of enhancements here: WinUI What’s New v21.2. The following is a quick synopsis of new features/capabilities:

Data Grid Performance

The UI portion of our WinUI Data Grid - the portion responsible for row/cell rendering - has been completely rewritten. It now offers blazing fast loading speed and unmatched scrolling performance.

Startup Performance

Scrolling Performance

Windows 11 Appearance

DevExpress WinUI controls now support Windows 11 appearance guidelines and adhere to style standards introduced in Windows App SDK 1.0.

What's Next?

WinUI is a rapidly evolving platform and our products will evolve accordingly. Our current distribution addresses key platform-related requirements. With major challenges behind us, we expect to extend our WinUI component library in 2022. Needless to say, quality and performance remain atop our priority list.

To help us shape our 2022 WinUI Roadmap, we expect to publish a series of surveys to engage those of you considering WinUI and the Uno platform. We look forward to your feedback in the coming weeks/months.

If you are currently targeting the WinUI platform, be sure to comment below or create a DevExpress Support Center ticket. We want to better understand your plans and specific use-cases. The more you share, the better we can help in 2022.

Free DevExpress Products - Get Your Copy Today

The following free DevExpress product offers remain available. Should you have any questions about the free offers below, please submit a ticket via the DevExpress Support Center at your convenience. We'll be happy to follow-up.
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