New WPF Windows 11 Theme and Window Appearance Enhancements

WPF Team Blog
30 May 2022

Over the years, we've been tracking the latest appearance changes in Windows and have been implementing them within our WPF Subscription to give the best experience to your users and help make your applications look familiar and up to date.

The v22.1 release includes two new appearance features from Windows 11:

  • a new Windows 11-inspired DevExpress WPF Theme
  • a ThemeWindow control that can use the operating system’s window rendering mechanism to display rounded corners and drop shadows.

Windows 11 Light Theme

Our new WPF Windows 11 Light Theme leverages the best visual attributes of Windows 11: rounded corners, underlined editors in the focused state, element animations, and a balanced color palette. In this theme, we have redesigned every DevExpress WPF control. We have also adjusted element spacing to make the UI more lightweight. This will help your applications keep to the general Windows 11 appearance. At the same time, the density is not too low, allowing you to fit more data on the screen.

As with the prior DevExpress WPF Themes, the Win11Light theme supports lightweight templates and standard WPF Controls.

Win11Light WPF Theme

Follow this demo link to explore this new Windows 11 Light Theme (the demo link requires that you first install DXperience v22.1 with associated demos).

Use the Operating System's Native Windows in ThemedWindow

With this release, you can set a ThemedWindow's UseNativeWindow static property to true to display the operating system’s native corners and shadows around the ThemedWindow control. With this property, you no longer need to detect the Windows version your app is running on in order to make sure that it looks consistent.

ThemedWindow - UseNativeWindow property

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