Free WinUI Components in the Unified Installer

WPF Team Blog
17 June 2022

We are happy to announce that our WinUI components are now available from the DevExpress Unified Installer. If you are using our Unified Installer and wish to install our WinUI controls, simply select the WinUI tile pictured below.

And some more good news - we decided to extend our free WinUI offer until December 2022. You can use our WinUI controls via the Unified Installer or through the NuGet feed with absolutely no charge until December 2022.

If you are new to WinUI, our interactive demos should help you get your feet wet with the platform: WinUI Demos. The same demo launcher is also available from our main Interactive Demo Menu:

We’ve also extended our WinUI suite with many great Data Grid-related features, including:

  • Excel Inspired Filtering
  • Formatted Clipboard Operations
  • Cell and Column Tooltips
  • MVVM API to Populate Columns
  • Sorting by Summaries
  • Enhanced Row Indicator
  • Horizontal and Vertical Grid Lines
  • Group Row Button Customization API

Moreover, the suite now includes a Ribbon Control and MVVM Framework to help you create modern MVVM applications with absolute ease. We will describe a complete list of WinUI-related enhancements in an upcoming What’s New blog post.

Please be sure to download our free offer and tell us what you think.

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