XAF: A preview of the HTML5/JS Report Document Viewer integration in Web UI (Shipping in v15.1.5)

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20 July 2015

The new HTML5 / JS Report Document Viewer was introduced in our v15.1 release. This new report viewer is reliant on client-side logic and several enhancements to XAF’s ReportsV2 module were required for its integration.

To use the new DevExpress HTML5 Report Viewer, install our most recent service update (v15.1.5) and set the ReportsAspNetModuleV2.ReportViewerType property to the “HTML5” in the Application Designer:

To preview the appearance and functionality of the report viewer in your web app, simply preview an existing report:



1. The new report viewer does not use ASP.NET WebForms editors for its report parameters. As such, the WebReportServiceController.CustomizeParameterEditors event is not used.

2. The new report viewer is not used by default and is an option at this point in time. We hope you can test its functionality and provide us with early feedback so we can continue to refine and perfect its use. Once we finalize integration, we will likely enable HTML5 mode by default since it will more nicely suit the improved Web UI (CTP) we are developing for v15.2.

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James S K Makumbi
James S K Makumbi

I think I already use this because I am using the new touch friendly UI.

21 July 2015
Dennis (DevExpress)
Dennis (DevExpress)

@James: No, you cannot be using the reporting feature this whole post is about, because it is available only starting with version 15.1.5. You are likely referring to the new Web UI (CTP), which has been really available for two months already.

21 July 2015

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