XAF - Nuget packages (v18.2)

To help you better manage build processes for your XAF projects and employ CI/CD tools approved within your Enterprise (such as Azure Pipelines), DevExpress Nuget now includes packages based on XAF assemblies. 

As you may already know, we opted for both large metapackages (for instance, DevExpress.ExpressApp.Core.AllDevExpress.ExpressApp.Win.All, etc.) and small individual packages for each XAF module or assembly. For more information, please refer to this knowledge base article.

For testing purposes, we've successfully configured Nuget packages in an XAF demo and built it with Azure Pipelines:

Interesting Support Center tickets

  • We demonstrated how to edit multiple objects simultaneously via a non-persistent object DetailView (S132098);
  • Early v18.1.6 hot fixes and v18.2.2 (Beta) cause NullReferenceException if you open WinForms LookupEdit in a new item row (T683079);
  • With v18.2, WebPropertyEditor.NullText supports additional property editor types (T685229);
  • We discussed how to preserve DetailView layouts (with DetailViewLayoutAttribute) when using inheritance (T682243);
  • We provided debugging tips to detect unexpected ListView record modifications (T679629);
  • We described how to duplicate a nested ListView and display its data in a chart instead of a grid without writing any code at all (T682599);
  • We described how to open separate web browser tabs with another web site from a popup window (T683405); 
  • We updated a support article on how to troubleshoot "Reentrancy or cross thread operation detected" errors (T419520);
  • We elaborated on the Web session timeout and ways to customize it (T683237);
  • A short FAQ on XPO async/await method support is now available (T683644).
    Find more interesting customer questions and product enhancements for your favorite products in the DevExpress Support Center (expand the "Frameworks (XAF & XPO)" group on the right).

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4 comment(s)
Manuel Grundner [DevExpress MVP]

Great stuff!

One Thing that would be cool, is the Modeleditor as a dotnet global Tool :) that way i wouldn't need my packagebuilder anymore!

29 October, 2018
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Manuel: Thank you for your suggestion. Let's discuss it further in the Support Center: www.devexpress.com/.../xaf-nuget-packages-suggestion.

29 October, 2018
kirsten greed


10 December, 2018
kirsten greed

@Dennis  XtraReports seems to be missing.  See T698381

10 December, 2018

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