XAF - Vanguard AI and its Trading Platform (Cross-Platform .NET App UI)

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28 April 2021

Meet Greffith Ponce of Vanguard AI (an IT company in the Philippines) who has been using the DevExpress eXpressApp Framework (XAF) since 2008.

Jan Michael Tan - Vanguard AI

We recently published a case study about their trading platform powered by XAF and DevExpress WinForms components. Here is how the developers described their product:

The purpose of our initial release is to familiarize users with investment strategies, screen stocks, and execute back testing using End-Of-Day data. Vanguard AI is free for traders using the Philippine Stock Exchange and the application can be downloaded from our site at no cost. We manage our own cloud server and host all market data. Vanguard AI connects to this server and compares information stored on a user's local database at startup. We then load the necessary data, calculate all scripts, and restore all widgets with updated information. Users can script their trading systems. Scripts are interpreted with appropriate mathematical computations, including indicators and translation of how results are rendered within charts.

And here’s what Greffith Ponce said about XAF's main benefits:

XAF allowed me to focus on my business requirements and worry less about mundane infrastructure-related tasks. Thanks to XAF, my basic application skeleton was built very quickly - I simply customized it to our needs. With XAF, I did not have to reinvent everything from scratch – all the necessary ingredients already existed.

Read the full article to learn how Vanguard AI came to choose XAF for their Windows project development and what they liked about our tools.

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