XAF (WinForms UI) — Case Study by ASTGD: A Complete Medical Management System

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28 December 2023

Meet Minhazul Islam, a managing director of ASTGD (an IT company in Bangladesh) who has been using our Cross-Platform .NET App UI (XAF) since 2013.

Managing Director

We recently published a case study about their hospital management system (MediManage Pro) powered by XAF - DevExpress WinForms UI and Reporting components. Here is how ASTGD developers described their product:

MediManage Pro is a comprehensive medical management system designed to automate the operations of hospitals, clinics, or diagnostic centers. This fully customizable enterprise solution offers a wide range of functionalities to streamline various aspects of healthcare management. Barind Medical College & Hospital Ltd. (bmc.edu.bd), a renowned medical college was looking for a complete software solution that can serve the needs of healthcare facilities looking to improve their administrative and operational efficiency. ASTGD proposed a custom solution and later ASTGD built this complete hospital management system.

Patient Records - MediManage Pro, DevExpress Case-Study

And here’s what Minhazul Islam said about XAF's primary benefits:

The project timeline was very limited compared to its vastness. ASTGD needed a solution that can provide cutting edge error free solution in less time. DevExpress XAF is a low code application framework that is also ORM based and provides some crucial built in modules that comes handy while developing this kind of applications. Despite all these ASTGD chose XAF for two main reasons:
- XAF provides automated UI and model editor provides capability to easily customize UI.
- XAF comes with built in security modules that provides roles and user-based permission and it is easy to implement/modify/customize.

Read the full article to learn why ASTGD chose XAF for Windows project development and what they liked about our tools. 

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