WinForms/ASP.NET Chart Control – Built-in Drill-Down (v18.2)

In our upcoming release, the DevExpress Chart Control for WinForms and Charts for ASP.NET Web Forms will introduce the concept of nested Series Templates – giving you the ability to create drill-down charts without writing custom code. 

Drill Down

The Chart control’s embedded breadcrumb element displays captions for individual data levels within the navigation hierarchy. As you might expect, these items are clickable to easily navigate between levels.

Breadcrumb navigation hierarchy

This drill-down feature is configured as part of the Series Template.

Three different drill-down templates can be configured using new properties within the SeriesTemplate class. Templates are activated for drill-down based uponon user interactions with a given chart.

  • The ArgumentDrillTemplate is used when the user clicks on an axis label representing an argument value.
  • The SeriesDrillTemplate applies when any chart element associated with a Series is clicked.
  • The SeriesPointDrillTemplate is used when a Series data point is clicked.

Drill-down templates can be nested within othe another and each template can be assigned its own Series View. For instance, a Bar chart can switch to a Pie series for the first drill-down level and to a Line series for a second level. Template options can be configured using the Chart Designer or in code.

You can also customize the Breadcrumb panel's appearance using the ChartControl.BreadCrumbs property.

Due to hit-testing limitations, drill-down can’t be activated for 3D charts at this time.

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