WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET Charting - 2019 Roadmap - Your Vote Counts

At DevExpress, a single team is responsible for all our chart and data visualization components for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET Web Forms & MVC.

This brief blog post will summarize some of our plans for both control libraries in 2019.  


Atop our list of priorities is speed – We want improve data rendering efficiency across all supported platforms throughout 2019.

At present, our Chart control ships with an advanced appearance customization engine for Series and individual Series points. You can either use a set of predefined palettes or configure the Chart Colorizer and assign fixed colors to chart elements as needed. We plan to extend this functionality and allow users to define the segment color of the same Line Series without manually splitting it into separate Series items. This approach will be supported on all platforms (Web and Desktop).

A number of highly popular features supported by our WinForms chart control (drill-down, summary functions) need to be ported to the WPF platform – we also have requests to port our new Sunburst Control to WPF.

A fourth area of focus will be Financial Charting. Though we already have existing functionality  (Stock Series, indicators) designed for real time stock charting scenarios, some of our users have additional requirements we hope to address in 2019. This includes end-user interactive operations such as the ability to add indicators and annotations to the chart and change scale detail level. If you require this feature, please be certain to respond to the survey below – your feedback will help us prioritize activity.

Maps (WinForms and WPF) 

Our hope is to introduce a new map shape image element – designed to help you display an image in a shape with certain Geographic coordinates on the map. In addition, we will provide built-in support to simplify vector shapes. This is especially useful for the modification of complex shapefiles in Map Editor mode.


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Tony P.
Tony P.

Would be great to sort charts in a collection by having end user drag charts that are in the diagram.  I have elaborated on this many times in forum.

9 January 2019
Alex (DevExpress Support)
Alex (DevExpress)

Hi Tony,

We have added this feature in our backlog. I believe this functionality is most useful in the Gantt Chart scheduling scenario. By the way - do you think our standalone GanttControl will suit your data visualization requirements?

14 January 2019
Senior Programmer
Senior Programmer

include printing for gantt scheduler view

23 January 2019
Dashboard & Data Visualization Blog

Our ChartControl provides a rich set of data processing options including filtering, sorting, summary

30 April 2019

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