WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET Charting, WinForms and WPF Maps – Early Access Preview (v19.1)

We are two months away from our next major update (v19.1). The purpose of this post is to share details and give users the opportunity to test new functionality before we wrap up our current dev cycle. If you own an active Universal or DXperience subscription, you can download the CTP build from the DevExpress Download Manager and test the features described in this blog post. Once you do, take a moment to let us know how well the new features address your requirements. This will help us fine-tune our code before the launch.

If you are using a trial version and want immediate access to the features described in this blog post, purchase a Universal subscription license and you will automatically gain access to the CTP version. If you are ready to upgrade to Universal from another subscription level, email us at for preferential upgrade pricing.

Charts – Series Segment Colorizer (WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET)

A new property has been introduced for Series views, the SegmentColorizer. It allows you to apply colors to data points based on predefined conditions. Three colorizer types are available out of the box:

  • RangeSegmentColorizer - colors are defined by a set of ranges
  • TrendSegmentColorizer - color depends on the previous segment's color
  • PointBasedSegmentColorizer - color is synchronized with the Series Point color

You can use this feature with Line Series, Spline Series, Step Line Series, Area Series, Spline Area Series, Step Area Series.

Note that this CTP release includes the WinForms implementation only. It will however be supported by our WPF Chart Control and Web Chart Control for ASP.NET at time of release.

How to test: WinForms demo.

Sunburst – New Label Display modes (WinForms)

Support for two new label orientation modes have been added: Tangent and Horizontal. To specify the label orientation mode simply set the SunburstLabel.DisplayMode property. The adaptive layout adjustment mode is also supported (see the SunburstLabel.AutoLayout property).

How to test: WinForms demo.

Charts – Built-in Drill-Down (WPF)

The SeriesItemsSource has been extended with a HierarchicalObjectStructureDataAdapter. You can define the hierarchy using the MVVM-friendly approach and the drill-down functionality will be automatically enabled. End-users will be able to navigate between different hierarchy levels by clicking on diagram items (Series or Series Point) or using a special breadcrumb control element.

How to test: WPF demo.

Charts – New Axis Layout (WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET)

ChartControl for WPF adds support for Zero axis alignment.

How to test: WPF demo (see the "Scatter Line" module).

In addition, a new alignment mode (Center) has been implemented. If enabled, the chart’s diagram area is always divided into four quadrants (this functionality will be supported on all platforms).

How to test: WinForms demoWPF demo.

Another useful feature is the capability to display axis labels inside or outside the diagram area (see the Axis2D.LabelPosition property).

How to test: WinForms demoWPF demo.

Maps – Vector Shape Simplification (WinForms, WPF)

It is now possible to easily modify the vector shape layout by decreasing the number of data points and preserving the original shape outline based on the input “Tolerance” parameter. This functionality is supported at the MapEditor class level (see the MapEditor.SimplifyItems method).

How to test: WinForms demoWPF demo.

Maps – Map Image (WinForms, WPF)

Georeferenced raster images can be loaded in the MapControl via the MapPolygon element by way of a new Image property. This makes it possible to show raster images for specific map areas side-by-side with maps from the default map provider (e.g., Bing or OpenStreetMaps).

Note that the CTP version includes the WinForms implementation only.

How to test: WinForms demo.

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