Charting (WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET/MVC) - API Enhancements

A quick post to detail some of the changes we made to our WinForms Charting Library, WPF Charts, ASP.NET Charts for Web Forms and MVC in the v19.1 release cycle.

  • Our ChartControl now offers extended axis label and tick mark positioning support. With v19.1, you can use two extra options to align axis labels and tick marks according to Series point elements. For additional information, please refer to the following articles: Grid Layout Mode (WinForms, ASP.NET), Grid Layout Mode (WPF). You can also refer to the following support tickets for usage scenarios: Axis Label Layout | Center Axis Label Alignment.
  • Both our WinForms and ASP.NET Radar/Polar charts now include an AxisLabel.Angle property. With it, you can modify Radar/Polar chart angle and draw labels using a fixed orientation. For additional information, please review the following support ticket: Polar Diagram Axis Label.
  • A chart’s Pane region can be obtained using the DefaultPane.GetBounds method (Chart Control for WinForms, ASP.NET) or Pane.GetBounds method (ChartControl for WPF). Refer to the following support tickets for sample use cases: Diagram Boundaries | Annotations | Custom Lines | Diagram Location.
  • To improve data source processing speed, use the Series.DataSourceSorted property (ChartControl for WinForms, ASP.NET) to disable the control’s internal sorting procedure. A similar option is available for our WPF Chart control.

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