Sankey Diagram Control — A New Data Visualization for Desktop (WinForms, WPF)

We’ve got some good news for those looking to visualize data in new and unique ways. Our upcoming release will include a new Sankey Diagram Control (for WinForms and WPF).

Sankey Diagrams display paths between nodes and associated quantities. The thickness of each path varies based on the value of a corresponding node. When used, end-users can easily see major paths and spot inefficiencies or losses within a given flow. These diagrams are typically used to display resource flows (sales, budget) along with information or energy usage.

Note: This Early Access Preview (EAP) only includes our WinForms implementation. We will add the Sankey Diagram control for WPF prior to official release (v20.2).

Supported Features

Here is a brief summary of the features that we’ll include in this release:

  • Built-in coloring algorithms (palette-based and custom colorizers);
  • Recursive Nodes and Custom Node Order;
  • Title Elements;
  • Printing / Export;
  • Node and Link Highlighting, Tooltips.

Try It Today

If you’ve installed our v20.2 EAP build, you can explore the capabilities of our Sankey Diagram using the following WinForms demo link: Sankey Diagram demo.

You can also refer to the following help topic for additional information: SankeyDiagramControl

Your Feedback

We welcome your feedback. If you’re considering this control for an upcoming project or if you have technical questions, please post a comment below. We’ll be happy to follow-up.

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