.NET Data Processing API - First Community-Sourced Scenarios Addressed

As you may recall, we prioritized solutions for the most common ETL scenarios in September (Data Processing Scenarios (ETL) - Your Feedback Matters). Thanks for all the great feedback in this regard.

The good news is that we've built our first prototype (a .NET library/API) to address the most popular usage scenarios:

  • Add ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) capabilities to .NET apps.
  • Shape data (group, sort, filter, apply analytics functions) for use within the UI on any platform.

We kindly ask you for one more favor - please test our .NET Data Processing API in your environment to help us validate our design decisions before we commit to further development efforts.

The Why: The Benefits of Our API

The main benefits of our Data Processing API are as follows:

  1. Efficient in-memory data processing for unmatched performance (we reused the core of our blazing fast Pivot Grid control - learn more) .
  2. Unified interface to connect to different data sources (relational databases, web services, Excel spreadsheets, JSON data, etc).
  3. Custom .NET logic support to intercept data processing flow.
  4. High-level analytical functions for easier data flow design.
  5. Built-in debugging capabilities to quickly fine-tune results.

How to Test Our API

This .NET data processing library/API is NOT yet part of an official DevExpress package. This notwithstanding, we made it super easy for you to test our API with the following GitHub repository: 

DevExpress / dataprocessingapi-mvp-example 

To get started quickly, please review our sample (ConsoleExample/Program.cs) that joins input data from two sources (a JSON file and an XLSX file), applies a set of transformations (aggregation, top-n, sorting) and generates the XLSX output file in the appropriate format.

Sample data processing workflow

For information on how to construct a data flow from scratch, please refer to the README.md file, download the example and explore its capabilities within Visual Studio.

Your Feedback Matters

If the Data Processing API we’ve introduced do not fully address your business needs or if you’d like to engage us further on this topic, please complete the survey below, leave a comment below or create a new support ticket via the DevExpress Support Center. We’ll be more than happy to follow-up.

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