A Chat With The Authors Of New DevExpress ASP.NET Book

13 November 2009

Now that the Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls book is released, it was time to sit down with the authors of the book and get an overview of what’s in the book.

So I grabbed Paul Kimmel and Julian Bucknall to record this 18 minute interview. In the video, the guys discuss their contributions as well as what you might expect from the book.

Btw, Joe Kunk also contributed to an important chapter on XtraReports. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be here for the interview but Paul explains some of what the XtraReports chapter covers. Including Joe’s very useful XtraReports webinar.


Click the image and check it out. If you’ve got any questions for the authors then be sure to post a comment below. Thanks!

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Rick Bartlett

Ordered three books yesterday, one not available. They must have run out, bummer.

The following items will ship separately, as soon as they're available:


Qty                                     Item    Price  Not Yet Shipped


  1            Professional DevExpress ASP.N   $26.39               1

15 November, 2009
Miro Nagy

I had to order online as well.

The book was nowhere to be picked up in person anywhere in the whole GTA ( Greater Toronto Area ).

Wanted to start reading it this weekend...

Instead, waiting patiently for snail mail to deliver it now.

16 November, 2009
Steve Sharkey

Mine arrived a couple of days ago - unfortunately not at that price! I pre-ordered it.

20 November, 2009
Harold Zhang

When the book sold in China? I'm looking forward to it !

20 November, 2009
Joe Hendricks

Just ordered mine! Yee Haw!

20 November, 2009

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