Free CodeRush Plugin: Move Source Code With Arrow Keys

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18 February 2010

Check out this CodeRush plugin video about DX_MoveCode. The plugin is super simple because you can move lines of code using your arrow keys! It’s so intuitive that you’ll wonder why Visual Studio doesn’t have a feature like this built-in.


Download DX_MoveCode

Get the free plugin (and source code) from the Google ‘DXCore Community plugins’ website here:

Thanks Rory!

Check out the DX_MoveCode plugin video with the plugin creator, Rory Becker!

Then drop me a line below to thank Rory for this sweet little plugin.

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Ruben Bartelink

Whatever about VS not having it, I've been complaining about CR not having it for months:

(The support is my current peeve. There should be assert shortcuts as there are for other testing frameworks)

(I am absolutelty delighted the extension exists and am using it myself. I also value an extensions community existing. And I love all the DX people I've met. But this really should be in the box SOON- its very demoable and always has been in my head!)

19 February 2010

Thanks both!

Really a simple and useful plugin that will save a lot time.

19 February 2010
uberVU - social comments

This post was mentioned on Twitter by MehulHarry: Free CodeRush Plugin: Move Source Code With Arrow Keys: Check out this CodeRush plugin video about DX_MoveCode. Th...

19 February 2010

thanks Rory,,

nice plugin !

23 February 2010

thank Rory i really like it

5 April 2010
Guy Davis
Guy Davis

Hi Rory...

Nice plugin... I have a suggestion that would make it awesome!

I'm relatively new to CodeRush but have seen refactorings where you might extract a method and a red right arrow is created for you to move between the code.

I'd like to be able to hit a shortcut key to create that red arrow and from there just be able to use up, down, left, right to move code. Or use mouse to reposition arrow and then hit enter when you're ready for placing the code in the new location.

I know there are extra keystrokes involved however it's more intuitive for me to do it that way.

What do you think?

19 July 2010

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