New ASP.NET Validation Summary Control - v2010 vol 1

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05 April 2010

Check out this image of our upcoming ASP.NET validation summary control, ASPxValidationSummary:

New Control: ASPxValidationSummary

ASPxValidationSummary Benefits

This new control helps you summarize validation errors from multiple controls and then displays them in a single block. This allows you to organize screen space more effectively if validation is required for several editors.

Error entries can be displayed as a table, bulleted or ordered list. And each entry can be presented as a link that moves focus to the corresponding editor!

Download Coming Soon

The DXperience v2010.1 release will be available for download within a few weeks. DXperience customers get early beta access to DXperience v2010.1 usually 1-2 weeks before the release.


Drop me a line below with your thoughts on the ASP.NET validation summary control, thanks!


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