New ASP.NET Validation Summary Control - v2010 vol 1

05 April 2010

Check out this image of our upcoming ASP.NET validation summary control, ASPxValidationSummary:

New Control: ASPxValidationSummary

ASPxValidationSummary Benefits

This new control helps you summarize validation errors from multiple controls and then displays them in a single block. This allows you to organize screen space more effectively if validation is required for several editors.

Error entries can be displayed as a table, bulleted or ordered list. And each entry can be presented as a link that moves focus to the corresponding editor!

Download Coming Soon

The DXperience v2010.1 release will be available for download within a few weeks. DXperience customers get early beta access to DXperience v2010.1 usually 1-2 weeks before the release.


Drop me a line below with your thoughts on the ASP.NET validation summary control, thanks!


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7 comment(s)
Shane Bekker

That looks very cool. Only thing i can think of might be to color code them differently for visual emphasis as an optional extra.

Looking good.

Side note: Here do I find the progress on XAF dialog popups becoming in page dialogs?

5 April, 2010
Christopher Todd

Can it be used with the ASPxGridview? If not, will it? One thing that has always bothered me about the current validation, is the fact that a predefined area is consumed to show the error. A lot of times, it throws my layout off and I have to make adjustments for it.

This will be a great addition!! Thanks!!

5 April, 2010
Roman Eremin (DevExpress)


If you mean when XAF will use this validation summary - then we expect this to be implemented in next major release.

5 April, 2010
Shane Bekker


No I mean when will the Listview popups etc, when adding a new object or linking, have the option of being DIV popups instead of opening new popup windows that most browsers block by default.


8 April, 2010
James Birnie

Hi DevX - this control looks useful, thanks!

I agree with Chris - if this gets around the visual resizing issues that occur when positioning validated fields - that would be awesome!

I think the positioning issues came about because of hidden controls - so does that mean that they wouldn't need to be there i.e. errors would point to the ASPxValidationSummary control?

Also, are we able to add "errors" to this control at runtime e.g. following a Save -> some concurrency exception -> show useful message to user in this same control?

8 April, 2010
Jeff Kincaid

Excellent, this will clean up the error handling and keep the edit form consistent for the user.  I've been waiting for this one.  Thanks.

8 April, 2010
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

@Everyone, Thank you!

@Chris & @James,

Thanks, currently the ASPxValidationSummary control is a standalone control. This may make it easier to deal with those resizing issues.

As for adding custom errors, unfortunately there is no such functionality. We'll consider implementing it in future release.

9 April, 2010

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