Keyboard Navigation For ASP.NET GridView And TreeList Controls – v2010 vol 1

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10 May 2010

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard

Great new keyboard navigation feature!

With the DXperience v2010.1 release, you can enable keyboard navigation by changing a single property, set KeyboardSupport to true.

Once KeyboardSupport is enabled, your users can:

  • Focus On Grid Using Control Activation Key
    Specify an access key for your grid controls and allow your end-users to press CTRL+SHIFT+AccessKey to change focus to the corresponding grid control.
  • Focused Row
    Press the UP and DOWN arrow keys to move row focus.
  • Multiple Row Selection
    Press the SPACE key to select an individual row. Sequential rows can be selected by pressing SHIFT while moving row focus using the previous UP/DOWN arrow keys.
  • Expand/Collapse Group Rows or Tree Nodes
    Press PLUS/MINUS or RIGHT/LEFT arrow keys to expand/collapse rows respectively.
  • Paging
    Press SHIFT+PAGE UP and SHIFT+PAGE DOWN to navigate to the previous or next page respectively.

Not only does this help with accessibility but your power users who are also keyboard ninjas will love this feature.

If you have the latest beta build of the DXperience v2010.1 installed then check out the ‘Keyboard Support’ demo in the ASPxGridView demos (under accessibility).

Drop me a line below with your thoughts. Thanks!

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Mark Brindle
Mark Brindle

My users have been asking for this for a very long time. Many thanks to the ASP.Net developers at DevExpress. This should be really awsome.

10 May 2010
Meihol Jhaveri

I am so happy to hear this, but I have already lost my old project and have to convert into windows form due to keyboard navigation problems.

10 May 2010

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