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Enhance WinForms Application Reliability with UI Test Automation
Blazor — Accessibility Enhancements and Options
WPF — June 2024 Roadmap (v24.1)
DevExpress Reports & BI Dashboard — June 2024 Roadmap (v24.1) — Survey & Feature Preview Inside
XAF v24.1 — June 2024 Roadmap (Cross-Platform .NET App UI & Web API Service)
DevExtreme (v23.1, v23.2) — Accessibility Enhancements (Angular, React, Vue, jQuery)
How to Create Accessible WinForms Applications
Reporting — Web Report Viewer Enhancements — Improved Search Experience, Streamlined Page Load, and more (v23.1)
WPF — Early Access Preview (v23.2)
WinForms — Early Access Preview (v23.2)
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