Rebuild – Restore – Renew : TechEd 2010 In New Orleans

04 June 2010

Visit the DevExpress booth at TechEd 2010 in New Orleans next week and grab one of these free TechEd New Orleans tshirts:

DevExpress TShirt TechEd Front DevExpress TShirt TechEd Back DevExpress TShirt TechEd Back, close-up logo

To keep with the local tradition, the tshirts are made with the same black and gold colors worn by the New Orleans’ Saints

Rebuild New Orleans

As our CTO recently mentioned:

We've joined in partnership with Habitat for Humanity to build a new home for a deserving family in New Orleans.

So, this year’s TechEd tshirt’s logo and message are all about helping to rebuild New Orleans. Make sure you grab one of these tshirts at our booth and show your support as well!

Check out this short 2 minute TechEd video message that talks about why we’re helping New Orleans:

Video: DevExpress Contributes To New Orleans

Contribute Old Computers

If you’d like to contribute to helping the New Orleans effort then send your old working laptops and computers to the New Orleans’ Boys and Girls Club.

We’ll even help you ship it to them at no cost to you. Simply email us at with the subject line: “New Orleans Contribute” and let us know where to pick your donation.

Thanks and I hope to see you there!

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Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Mehul: I see that, to celebrate the center dot in Tech·Ed, our New Orleans motto has two: Rebuild·Restore·Renew.

Cheers, Julian

4 June, 2010
Christoph Brändle

You take the tragedy that happened to the people of New Orleans to advertise your product.

Looks like you wait for the next catastrophe to happen to donate and advertise there, what an attitude?!

7 June, 2010
Miro Nagy

I think Christoph Brandle has the wrong idea.

They are building a house for someone.  Would you rather they did nothing and just get a big booth?

That would be a 'different attitude'

Nice job dev express.

7 June, 2010
Paul Kimmel (DevExpress)

What a great contribution! A new home for a New Orleans family. I can only say that I am proud to be part of a company that has made such a great value-based decision. Booths are great. A home for a family is better.

7 June, 2010
Christoph Brändle

Miro, I do get the idea you can be assure of.

still it is advertising with the tragedy that happens to others, scientology does this too btw (in haiti). Normally companies donate to organizations and do not spread their name accross the place that needs help.

Making profit or polishing the image with catastrophes?

Make believe devExpress is a good company because they help? A company should deliver products, IMO.

I prefer the saying:

"do good and dont shout out what you did"

7 June, 2010
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Christoph - small suggestion (though I doubt you take suggestions to heart) ----- READ what people write and spend less time injecting your own personal opinions as to the motives behind decisions made by others.

Let me make this about as clear as I can - since you refused to read Mehul's post.

We are trying to get people to donate old computers that are no longer being used to the Boys and Girls Club of New Orleans so that kids who may not otherwise have access to a computer might someday have easy access.

In addition, Mehul is suggesting people stop by our booth to pick up a Tshirt - and unless you believe we sell hammers and drills, the Tshirts are not meant to market our products, but simply remind people that even though its been a number of years since the Hurricane, the city still needs to be rebuilt.

Charity begins at home Christoph - I might suggest that your time would be better served by volunteering some time with a local charitable organization...that might provide you with a better perspective on things and certainly bring some humility your way.

7 June, 2010
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

I'm pretty sure the people of New Orleans and the family that receives this house aren't going to question the nature of DevExpress' altruism.

7 June, 2010
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Christoph - it really does not matter whether I think your contribution is valuable. I would bet those that you help with your charitable donations consider it valuable and here's hoping you continue and tell others to do the same...

Hopefully you'll write to our client services team and donate a used computer - we'll pay to get it picked up and delivered. I promise you that we wont mention you donated a computer but I'll make sure the Boys and Girls Club in New Orleans sends you a thank you note. Oh and here's the best part...odds are that the European jurisdiction in which you live would not recognize the charitable contribution anyway, so no need to worry about deducting it from your tax return :-)

7 June, 2010
Dusan Pupis


Well, my English is not very good, as you're about to discover.

Nevertheless, intentions are nice, but they're also cheap. Road to hell is paved with good intentions. On the other hand, reason that you comment is that You're the customer of the DevExpress. When You chose them, You surely didn't take into the account what they do with their incomes. You choose them because they made you more competitive and Your job easier.

Surely they know the same - they cannot really base their income on charity - they must produces (as we all must do) to be competitive on the market.

Things being such, I fail to see goodwill and understanding in your post. Perhaps it is time, to walk through the woods, inhale the fresh air, and carpe diem?



7 June, 2010
Dusan Pupis

Summa summarum, what I wanted to say is:

What they're doing is a good thing(tm).

Even if it helps them with their PR, it still is.



7 June, 2010

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