Sneak Peek: New DevExpress.Com Support Center

21 July 2010

Check out this sneak peek of the new Support Center section of the new website.

The Support Center now has a clean and simple look:

 Support Center search

And there’s also a ton of information provided for your questions:

Support Center search results

What do you think of the updated Support Center?

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23 comment(s)
Travis Illig

Nice! I think this will be easier to get around in and find answers. Great job!

21 July, 2010

The "Look & Feel" may be different, which is great, but will the performance of the site be improved Mehul?  I don't have a problem with the usability now, I have a problem with the poor performance and reliability.

Thx - appreciate the efforts.

21 July, 2010
Mark Harby

I endorse Neal's comment.

The performance can be a touch on the sloooow side.

Looks good from a design poit-of-view.

21 July, 2010
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Thanks! There will be more details about the new features in Support Center once the website is released. Can't say yet when but it's getting close. :)

21 July, 2010
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Neal & Mark,

Thanks and once *all* of the content and functionality are finished on the new website then we'll also concentrate on making sure it's fast.

21 July, 2010
Robert Fuchs

> Thanks and once *all* of the content and functionality

> are finished on the new website then we'll also

> concentrate on making sure it's fast.

Thanks, but what about the other way round?

Performance is more important than design or look & feel.

We are talking about a support site and not about an artist's site!

21 July, 2010
daniel weisel

I think it looks great!

For the speed side, I don't mind if it's a bit slow; I have other windows open at the same to do other things in the meanwhile  :-)

21 July, 2010

Nice design, just a question 'MyTags' section is gone ?

Anyway, can you release the source code of support center as a real example of applied DevEx controls ? What do you think ? It is possibile ?

21 July, 2010
Hans Merkl

I think speed and stability should have highest priority. I used to use the support center all the time until a few months ago. Since then it has been a pain to work with. Slow and unstable.

I support Luca's suggestion to open source the support center. It would be great to see how DX solves real-world issues.

21 July, 2010
Jim Foye

Good, fast, cheap. Pick two.

21 July, 2010
Boris Bosnjak

Speed and reliability have never been an issue for me, nor even the aesthetics of the site.

The only thing that matters to me is that I can quickly find the (relevant) answer to my question, preferrably on a silver platter as opposed to inside a big haystack :)  I'm slowly learning how to "trick" the existing site to surrender the answers I need more easily.

21 July, 2010
Stijn Van Loo (e-novex)

I noticed that 'Issue Reports' in 'Support Center Stats' disappeared, any reason to hide it?

21 July, 2010
Oliver Avieny

It looks great!

But its to slow! I work from germany, and searching (working) is nearly imposible with the new site! :-(

For me the old one (faster one) was the better one. ..... Is there a way to work with the old one until the new one is a little faster?

21 July, 2010
Steven Rasmussen

Here's to hoping that the 'voting' feature promised a year and a half ago made it into this new version :)  From the two screenshots it looks great though!

21 July, 2010
Christopher Todd

Speed is important! The current site works for me, but it is slow! I hope that there is an effort to promote suggestions and get customer feed back on existing suggestions. Also, it would be nice if there was support for mobile devices.

21 July, 2010
Vojko Voga

I have to agree with previous posts!

Entire devexpress page is slow and that is the main problem.

22 July, 2010
Alessandro Pisani

Mehul: nice but... we've been given DX website revamp news and sneak peeks since 2008... this is getting more and more like Duke Nukem Forever...

Btw: i agree with previous posts: the whole DX website is (very) slow: definitely not a good showcase for DX ASP.NET controls....

22 July, 2010
Peter Thorpe

Looks good but what I find with the existing one and what looks to be the same on the screen shots is there is no advanced search.

I often put in a few keywords search and apply a filter to the grid on the status or issue type columns and possibly a sort. I may not get the kind of results I want so adjust the keyword and search again. At this point my grid filters and sorts are cleared off and I have to do that again. Also if you are looking for a possible bug version numbers are helpful.

Have you thought about adding a tab for searching the DevExpress Channel videos by their title and description. At the moment we are going to two different places to find helpful content, I would say the videos are similar to the knowledge base and code central so should be accessible from the same place.

22 July, 2010

Does this fold in the functionality or will that remain separate?

22 July, 2010

@Peter, it looks like they are grouping questions and issues together.

@Neal, I hope they are not removing as the search feature doesn't segregate KB Articles and Code Examples from the results list. I'll stick to using search because of this.

24 July, 2010

I just hope that everytime I ask a question its not ignored (because its buried somewhere that no-one will see it) or I'm told I'm asking in the wrong place (the site is so confusing I can never find the 'right' place). Thats whats happening at the moment. Also, the search mechanism is rubbish. Something more like Google search would be better - with + and - and " recognised - in fact I use Google search even when I am only searching the Dev Express site - a much better chance of success and less dross.

Allso, it would be great if users/support staff were encouraged to give more code examples rather than talk 'around' the problem. A line of code can speak more to me than a bunch of waffle. It also means I can search for partial code that is in the ball park of what I want and then hopefully get a useful example of what it is I need. At the moment it seems to be that those answering questions give a minimalist answer to show off that they do know something but don't actually want to give away the whole story - like they worked hard to get to their level but don't really want to help anyone else wanting to get there too. Thhis site is so not like other coding support forums where code abounds and responders give really useful feedback.

I do feel so much bettter after that rant - the hours I have spent fruitlessly searching for answers on the Dev Express site must have been getting to me!

4 August, 2010
David Glienna

Hope everything is new and improved, with new features!

4 August, 2010
sean mckenna

New Design looks great.  Can't wait to use it.

For me top complaint is speed -- all page loads are slow, not just search.

Second complaint: please don't email me when *I* post a comment.  I know I just posed it, why do I need an email 'reminder'?

I love how all users questions are made public - very good resource.  Support staff has been extremely good in my opinion.

only complaint about support staff is that because of timing (I'm in Boston), we only get 1 ask/response cycle per day.  so a complex issue will take many days of responding back and forth.  Many times I'm forced to find a workaround before I can track down the real solution (because of my own time constraints).

Looking forward to it!

5 August, 2010

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