New: ASP•NET Image Slider with built-in Slide Show feature (coming soon in v2013 vol 1)

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29 May 2013

Check out the new SlideShow feature of the DevExpress ASP.NET Image Slider:


New Settings

We’ve added several new settings to make it easier for you to enable and manage the slide show capabilities of the ASPxImageSlider:


The ASPxImageSlider.SettingsSlideShow property provides access to the following properties:

· AutoPlay – specifies whether or not the slide show is initially enabled.
· Interval – specifies the time interval between changing images.
· PausePlayingWhenMouseOver – specifies whether or not the image playing stops when mouse is over control.
· PlayPauseButtonVisibility – specifies the Play/Pause button visibility.
· StopPlayingWhenPaging – specifies whether or not the image playing stops when end-user change images manually.


Hero Graphic Webinar

I recently did a webinar about “Hero Graphics” and how you can use the Image Slider to create a hero graphic. Check out the video and blog post here:

Use an ASP.NET Image Slider Control to show a Hero Graphic (aka banner image)

In that webinar, I used JavaScript to simulate a similar slide show effect. And I’m happy to say that this feature is now available directly from the Image Slider control.

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