Video Case Study: redesign with Mike Palgon

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21 August 2014

Check out this video case study that shows how a two year old website was redesigned for newer mobile devices:

Video Case Study: redesign with Mike Palgon

Mike shows us the new Cancer Survivor Link website. He also shows us the DevExpress ASP.NET controls that he's used and how they helped him. chooses DevExpress ASP.NET

In 2012, Mike chose the DevExpress ASP.NET controls for

And since then, he's been driven to redesign the website to include support for mobile devices, based on the feedback he's been getting. As you'll see in the video, Mike was still able to use the DevExpress ASP.NET controls for his excellent redesign because they easily helped him meet his goals for UI, mobile, and more.

Helping Cancer Survivors

I want to thank Mike for creating such a great site. The website helps cancer survivors link with their families and doctors to get and give updates. It's a truly inspirational website. Anyone can use the website so try it yourself and help spread the word.

Mike is still putting the finishing touches on the new version of website but it will be launched soon.

Watch the video to learn more:
DevExpress Case Study: Mike Palgon of HIMformatics

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