ASP.NET HTML Editor - Enhancements (v15.1)

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20 May 2015

In the v15.1 release, we've added four major enhancements to the DevExpress ASP.NET HTML Editor:

1. Tag Inspector

The new Tag Inspector panel helps your end-users to navigate through the HTML document structure. And the new Tag Property Editor dialog helps to tune each HTML element in the document.

Check out this short animation that shows how cool this new feature is (tags are displayed in the gray bar under the icons):

DevExpress ASP.NET HTML Editor - Tag Inspector

The new tag inspector helps save your end-users time.

2. Placeholders (Mail Merge)

The DevExpress ASP.NET HTML Editor now supports placeholders. Placeholders help you to create templates for CMS, mail merge, and more.

For example, the fields within the brackets will be replaced with bound data when the "Preview Results" button is clicked:

DevExpress ASP.NET HTML Editor - Placeholders

3. Content Filtering

The content filtering feature allows you, the developer, to control the presence of allowed/disallowed HTML elements and attributes in the HTML document.

White and black lists are supported for element filtering, so a developer can limit the number of available formattings in the document. This functionality is useful for blog platforms, forums, or any site where you'd like have control over the HTML content.

Here's a small sample of some possible tags that you can white or black list from the HTML Editor:

DevExpress ASP.NET HTML Editor - Content Filtering

4. Dialogs and Design-Time Improvements

A new design-time wizard has been added that also includes a feature browser. This makes adding and setting up the DevExpress ASP.NET HTML Editor much easier.

The dialog pop-ups has also been enhanced:

  • new design in the 'Insert Image' dialog
  • new design for 'Insert Flash/Video/Audio' dialogs
  • support for drag’n’drop

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