ASP.NET Vertical Grid Control - (Coming soon in v16.1)

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19 May 2016

In the v16.1 release, we're introducing a new vertical grid control!

The new DevExpress ASP.NET Vertical Grid control is based on our popular ASPxGridView control and that means you'll get powerful features and functionality built into the very first version.

A vertical grid swaps the layout for rows and columns. So the columns that are placed at the top are now on the left. And the rows are displayed vertically. Here's a great example:

DevExpress ASP.NET Vertical Grid

This type of layout is great for certain types of data. For example, comparing products.

Feature packed

The new DevExpress ASP.NET Vertical Grid control is feature packed:

  • Large Database (Server Mode)
  • Header Filter (and other filter options)
  • Batch Editing and updating
  • Categories (allows you to group rows in category rows)
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Summaries
  • Exporting
  • Templates
  • and more features similar to the DevExpress ASP.NET GridView

WebForms & MVC

And I'm happy to announce that the new Vertical Grid control will be available for both ASP.NET WebForms and MVC platforms in the v16.1 release.


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Baila Paluch
Baila Paluch

Sounds cool!

When is version 16.1 expected?

Looking forward...

19 May 2016
George Fahnbulleh_1
George Fahnbulleh_1

This is good!

19 May 2016
Stijn Vanden Bossche
Stijn Vanden Bossche

Would the Vertical Grid be available as a Dashboard Widget?

7 June 2016
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


The DevExpress dashboard uses mostly client-side widgets from our JavaScript set of controls (DevExtreme). So no but could you please post your suggestion to our support center with the scenario of you'd use it in a dashboard please?

27 June 2016

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