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DevExtreme on GitHub: Pre-Releases, Sprints, & Upcoming Demos

Back in March 2017, we began to publicly host our DevExtreme source code on GitHub. One of the benefits of GitHub source hosting is that we can provide developers with 'pre-release' builds easily.


I'm happy to announce that DevExtreme pre-release builds are now available. A pre-release build allows you to experience some of the new controls and features that will be part of future releases. In fact, a pre-release is now available that has DevExtreme v17.2 features. The DevExtreme v17.2 final release is will be available later this year.

The pre-releases are available for download on the DevExtreme GitHub releases page:

What's in the pre-release?

The current pre-release is labeled '17.2 Sprint 6' and includes improvements for DataGrid, Scheduler, and Editor controls. You can read the release notes here:

However, this is not the first v17.2 pre-release build. We published the '17.2 Sprint 5' a few weeks ago and it includes our new (upcoming) data visualization widget: dxFunnel.

Now, as software developers, you'll know that not every build will have something interesting. That said, I recommend that you 'watch' our repo so that you do not miss any pre-release news.


Our DevExtreme dev team uses Agile and works in sprints that last two weeks. Therefore, you can expect a pre-release about every two weeks.

NPM & Bower packages too

You can download pre-release packages from NPM:

npm i devextreme@17.2.1-pre-17248

and Bower too:

bower install devextreme#17.2.1-pre-17248

Watch the repo

Click the "watch" button on the DevExtreme GitHub repo and you will get notifications when we release a new preview build.


Please be aware of the following regarding 'pre-release' software:

Products marked as pre-release (Beta, Community Technology Preview "CTP", or Release Candidate "RC") may contain deficiencies and as such, should not be considered for use or integrated within any mission critical software application. DevExpress may discontinue availability of its pre-release software, limit or modify software functionality, or eliminate support services at any time.

Our intention with pre-release software is for the early-adopters who want to preview, test, and provide feedback to help us improve upcoming features, controls, etc.

I recommend reading our 'pre-release' software web page.

Preview Demos

We're also working on publishing our demos on GitHub too. This will be available as a new devextreme demos repo soon and allow you to test pre-release features demos.

What do you think about the DevExtreme pre-releases on GitHub? Drop me a line below.


Twitter: @mehulharry

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Abdu Bukres 3

If you have the demos released at the same time as the pre releases every time, it would be a lot more convenient than having us spend time coding to test the new features.

September 11, 2017 11:46 AM

Jiedy HCJ

Abdu Bukres 3 is right!!

September 24, 2017 7:04 PM

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