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10 September 2018

We've created two beautiful new themes and, not only that, we've made them open source so you can download them for free! These themes were expressly created for websites that were built using Bootstrap v4 or later.

Check out the new themes:

DevExpress Purple

DevExpress OfficeWhite

We strive to create beautiful themes for our controls and these new Bootstrap themes are no exception.

The new DevExpress OfficeWhite and Purple Bootstrap themes are designed with the same clean aesthetic as our modern ASP.NET themes like 'Mulberry', and 'Moderno'. In fact, the OfficeWhite theme was inspired by our 'Office365' ASP.NET theme.



Download, or clone, the themes from the open source GitHub repository here:

Open Source (MIT)

We're making these two new Bootstrap themes available under the MIT open source license. This license type allows you to:

  • Use the themes for free
  • Modify the themes too

It's rare but occasionally we'll provide some of our open source projects under the permissive MIT license.

So why are these new DevExpress Bootstrap themes available for free?

Spread the word

Since launching the DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap Controls for ASP.NET WebForms, we've been thinking about how to get the word out about these fantastic controls.

The Bootstrap framework is widely used and offers a rich ecosystem of themes. We want your help in spreading the word about the DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap controls.

So download the free themes, use them in your Bootstrap enabled websites, and then tell a friend.


Which theme do you like better, DevExpress OfficeWhite or Purple? Drop me a line below, thanks.

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