ASP.NET Core – 2019 Roadmap

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28 January 2019

We wanted to thank everyone who voted in our 2019 Roadmap Survey. We value your feedback and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. The following is a summary of our official 2019 roadmap.

Important Note: In nearly every instance, we selected features/products that received the highest vote count. In many instances, total votes for features that appear on this roadmap failed to break the 50% mark. This does not mean that the feature/product did not win the vote - it simply means that it received a plurality - not a majority.

Table of Contents

DataGrid & TreeList

Record Reordering (v19.1)

This feature received 69% of the vote in our survey.

We’ll give you the ability to reorder DataGrid rows and change TreeList parent-child node relationships via drag-and-drop.

Excel-Like Editing Mode (v19.1)

We announced this feature in our 2018 Roadmap but it wasn’t ready to ship when v18.2 was released. We have received useful feedback on this feature and are going to ship it this year.

Cross-Component Drag-and-Drop (v19.1 or v19.2)

This feature received 69% of the vote in our survey.

Some business scenarios require that users move items from one collection to another or from one hierarchy to another. We hope to support cross-component item drag-and-drop operations.

Accessibility Enhancements (v19.1 or v19.2)

In v18.2, we improved the DataGrid’s keyboard navigation capabilities with our ‘focused row’ feature. We now want to address remaining accessibility gaps. We will make it possible to navigate to and work with any existing DataGrid and TreeList element (such as grouping, sorting, paging) via the keyboard.


New Filtering Modes (v19.1)

This feature received 75% of the vote in our survey.

We’ll hope to extend the filtering capabilities of the TreeList with the following features:

  • Enable search only through tree leaves
  • Include filtered nodes children into filter results.

Remote Data Paging (v19.2)

This feature received 58% of the vote in our survey.

At present, if you expand a node, the TreeList loads all child nodes and then paginates them locally. We want to give you the option to load nodes individually. This feature will work with both the pager control and through virtual scrolling - Just like our DataGrid.


Adaptivity & UX Enhancements (v19.1)

This feature received 50% of the vote in our survey.

We want to enhance our Scheduler to look and behave better on small screens (mobile devices). You can find some examples of this adaptive behavior in its ASP.NET counterpart here. If you’ve encountered specific usability issues with Scheduler, please share them with us.

Standalone Recurrence Editor (v19.1)

We have a recurrence editor that is a part of the Scheduler appointment form and can’t be used separately. We expect to ship the Recurrence editor as a standalone control in 2019.

Performance - Virtual Scrolling (v19.2 or later)

This feature received 50% of the vote in our survey.

To help improve overall performance and usability, we hope to add a new virtual scrolling mode to our Scheduler control. When enabled, only visible appointments will be rendered.

HTML/Markdown Editor

Multiline Toolbar (v19.1)

At present, Toolbar items are hidden within a dropdown menu on small screens. If the number of items is large (as it is in the HtmlEditor) the menu gets too long and becomes difficult to use. We’ll introduce one more adaptive mode that will create a second horizontal line of toolbar items instead of creating a dropdown menu.

Mentions Support: via @ (v19.1)

‘Mentions’ allow you select users or user groups by typing @ when composing rich text content. It’s widely used in team collaboration tools and project management applications.

Resize of Media Blocks (v19.1)

We’ll give you the ability to resize images and video blocks via the mouse.

Upload Images via Drag-and-Drop & Copy/Paste (v19.1 or v19.2)

You will be able to embed images as base64-formatted content or upload it to a web server via drag-and-drop or copy-paste actions and reference it as a URL.

Tables Support (v19.2)

We’ll give you the ability to insert and edit data tables.

Inline Formatting Toolbar (v19.2 or later)

You’ll be able to reveal an inline formatting toolbar when selecting content that requires formatting.

Data Editors

Additional Action Buttons (v19.1)

This feature received 83% of the vote in our survey.

Extend built-in editor action buttons with custom actions. You can find some examples of this feature here.

Data Form

Dynamic Updates without a Full Re-render (v19.1)

This feature received 82% of the vote in our survey.

We recently added partial update support to several controls. This update can also be applied to the Form control (for those who dynamically update forms and do not want to initiate a full form re-render).


Node Reordering (v19.2)

This feature received 69% of the vote in our survey.

Change parent-child relationships of TreeView nodes via drag-and-drop.

Cross-Component Nodes Drag-and-Drop (v19.2)

This feature received 69% of the vote in our survey.

Move a node from one hierarchy to another using drag-and-drop.

New Dropdown Button Control (v19.1)

A button with a built-in dropdown menu. You can find this kind of control in many modern web applications. Please, refer to the Bootstrap implementation for an example.

New Floating Button Control (v19.1)

The concept of a Floating Button began with Material Design guidelines. We’ll support a simple Floating Button and a Floating Button with a pop-up menu.

New Drag-and-Drop Utilities (v19.1 or v19.2)

This feature received 78% of the vote in our survey.

We want to create a drag-and-drop utilities library so you can construct custom drag-and-drop functionality outside of our UI controls. One such usage scenario involves list sorting. We’ll make it extremely easy to implement such functionality.

New Kanban Board Control (v19.2)

This feature received 67% of the vote in our survey.

Kanban Board has become an essential control for task and project management in modern business web applications.


Remote Data Paging (v19.1 or v19.2)

This feature received 63% of the vote in our survey.

In 2019, we will give you the option to use partial aggregated data loading from a remote server. This new feature will work with both the Pivot Grid’s pager control (horizontal and vertical) and via virtual scrolling.

Data Visualization

Chart Annotations (v19.1)

This feature received 77% of the vote in our survey.

Annotate your charts with custom labels.

Scrollbar as RangeSelector in Charts (v19.2)

This feature received 65% of the vote in our survey.

Enhance a chart scrollbar to show the chart preview with range selection capability. This feature can help visualize long time-based series with zooming/scrolling enabled.

Zooming in Polar Chart (v19.2)

This feature received 31% of the vote in our survey.

Enable zoom for the Polar Chart.

Based on feedback we’ve received to date, customization is crucial to many of you. We are going to dedicate significant resources to address limitations in this regard.

Legend Enhancements (v19.2 and v19.2)

This feature received 27% of the vote in our survey.

We are considering the following legend features:

Expected in v19.1:

  • Add legend title
  • Custom item order
  • Item grouping

Expected in v19.1 or v19.2:

  • Add a legend to the Bar Gauge

Expected in v19.2 or later:

  • Custom item bullets
  • Hide legend items for empty series
  • Extract the legend as a standalone control
  • Display a legend inside a Pie or Donut

Resolve Label Overlaps (v19.1 and v19.2)

This feature received 26% of the vote in our survey.

In certain usage scenarios, our JavaScript Charting library can properly resolve label overlaps. We want to improve our product so that it can address the following use-cases:

Expected in v19.1:

  • Resolve labels overlaps in Funnel Chart.
  • Resolve label overlaps in Bar Gauge.

Expected in v19.2 or later:

  • Resolve cross-series label overlaps.
  • Resolve labels overlaps for constant lines and strips.

Other Chart/Gauge Enhancements (v19.2 and v19.2)

Expected in v19.1:

  • Word-wrap within legend items, labels and titles
  • Extend available Chart/Gauge events (context menu event, element click or double click)
  • Set the custom position of axis (enable quadrants)
  • Manage exported chart layout (layout by columns, etc.)

Expected in v19.1 or v19.2:

  • Display a tooltip only on point/series hover
  • Support custom points, labels, tooltip rendering using templates
  • Display custom text inside a Pie or Donut
  • Enable z-index for constant lines (to bring them behind or in front of other series)
  • Specify the size of a chart pane (for multi-pane charts).

Expected in v19.2 or later:

  • Support custom styles of Chart/Gauge elements (gradients, patterns, background images, etc.)
  • Display negative values for logarithmic scales
  • Use multiple colors for a single series (based on value/argument)
  • Display total value labels for stacked series
  • Animate zoom-in and zoom-out transition.

Data Export

Export to Excel Customization Enhancements (v19.2 and v19.2)

Expected in v19.1:

  • Custom headers/footers

Expected in v19.2:

  • Multi-sheet export
  • Export summaries as functions

Expected in v19.2 or later:

  • Images export

Export to PDF (v19.2 or later)

This feature received 48% of the vote in our survey.

We plan to offer a PDF export option in our DataGrid and Pivot Grid.

Data Layer

OData v4 Support (v19.1)

This feature received 58% of the vote in our survey.

OData v4 support enables remote grouping and summary operations within DevExpress ASP.NET Core - improving performance when using large datasets.

Data Validation (v19.2)

Asynchronous Validation

When a user submits a data form, you may need to execute asynchronous remote validation. For instance, you may want to check whether a user already exists in the database during registration. We’ll provide a straight-forward API for such usage scenarios.

Performance Enhancements

Virtual Scrolling and Lazy Loading Everywhere (v19.2)

This feature received 70% of the vote in our survey.

The vast majority of DevExpress users work with large datasets (from thousands to millions of records). These datasets are rendered as lists within our controls. Our DataGrid supports virtual scrolling with lazy data loading. We’d like to make this feature available everywhere. This feature can be applied to the following list of controls:

  • TreeView
  • Scheduler
  • Lists
  • DropDowns & Lookups
  • Header filters in DataGrid, TreeList, PivotGrid
  • Column choosers in DataGrid, TreeList, PivotGrid


Element and Font Size Customization (v19.1)

This feature received 78% of the vote in our survey.

Our users find the ‘compact’ themes very useful when generating a highly dense, data-intensive UI. We will introduce a compact Material UI theme and give you the ability to customize theme element and font size.

Chart Themes (v19.2)

This feature received 70% of the vote in our survey.

We will update our Charting library so you can customize its appearance via the Theme Builder.


New Web Report Designer Features (v19.1)

  • Combine Multiple Reports into One
    We will give you the ability to combine multiple reports within the Report Designer, allow you to define print order and print all as a single document. This will address limitations associated with report merging (which is only available at runtime).
  • Create Hierarchical Data Reports
    We will give you the ability to create hierarchical data reports (tree structures) and define the offset of a given band’s content based on nesting level.
  • Create and Store Band Templates using the Report Gallery
    This will allow your customers to share gallery content and to generate reports with unified headers or footers.
  • Bind a Report to JSON Data using the Data Source Wizard
    You’ll be able to use JsonDataSource and provide basic authentication settings, custom header values and custom query parameters.
  • Create a Vertical Report using the Report Wizard
    We will add vertical reports to the Report Wizard.
  • Customize the Report and Data Source Wizard
    We will provide the ability to customize the Report and Data Source Wizard (insert new pages and customize the appearance of existing reports).
  • Bind a Report to ObjectDataSource Using the Data Source Wizard
    This feature received 28% of the vote in our survey.
    You’ll be able to use this data source type in the Data Source Wizard to bind a report to a collection of business objects.

New Web Report Designer Features (v19.2)

  • Re-order Detail Reports in Report Explorer
    This feature received 31% of the vote in our survey.
    You’ll be able to move an entire detail report if it was created at the wrong report hierarchy level.
  • Embed PDF Documents into a Report Document
    This feature received 44% of the vote in our survey.
    You’ll be able to insert a PDF file into a report and define its content boundaries within a document.
  • Move Bands to a ‘Background’ Layer
    This feature received 31% of the vote in our survey.
    You’ll be able to combine multiple bands so that content is rendered in a more compact manner. See example here.
  • Display Empty Table Rows after Existing Data
    This feature received 21% of the vote in our survey.
    You’ll be able to repeat empty rows until the bottom of the page is reached (to conform to a report’s structure). For more information on this feature, please refer to the following support tickets: T602604, T666620.
  • Edit XRRichText Content
    This feature received 50% of the vote in our survey.
    You’ll be able to use an in-place editor to edit RTF content.

Report Designer: Data Federation (v19.1 and v19.2)

This feature received 55% of the vote in our survey.

You’ll be able to define the relationship between different data source tables, queries, sheets and object lists.

Web Document Viewer and Web Report Designer: Localization (v19.1)

This feature received 50% of the vote in our survey.

You’ll be able to translate Web Document Viewer and Web Report Designer user interface elements using the DevExpress Localization Service and download a JSON file with translations for your web page.

XRPivotGrid: Advanced Cross-Tab Reports (v19.1)

We will provide a new way to create cross-tab reports using an enhanced version of XRPivotGrid report control. This will allow you to use expression bindings to calculate data and define the appearance of each visual element within a cross-tab report without writing code.

XRRichText Control Support (v19.1)

We will port our XRRichText report control to .NET Core platform so you can display RTF / HTML content within a report.

JsonDataSource: Authentication support (v19.1)

You’ll be able to provide basic authentication settings, custom header values and custom query parameters.

XRControl Enhancements (v19.1)

  • XRLabel: HTML-Inspired Text Formatting
    We will allow you to display HTML content in XRLabel. We expect to provide support for the subset of pseudo-HTML tags currently supported by our WinForms controls.
  • XRCheckBox: SVG Glyphs
    We will allow you to change the default glyph associated with XRCheckBox using a pre-defined SVG glyph list.

TypeScript Definitions (v19.1)

We will provide *.d.ts files required for TypeScript, so you can benefit from code completion in your development environment as a result.

PDF Export: Visual Signatures (v19.2)

You’ll be able to define visual signatures displayed in an exported PDF file using a new report control.

Printing Markdown Content (v19.2)

This feature received 57% of the vote in our survey.

You’ll be able to pass Markdown markup to a special report control. This control will use the HTML conversion to display Markdown content in a printed or exported document.

Rounded Corners (v19.2)

This feature received 32% of the vote in our survey.

You’ll be able to define corner radius for the borders of the XRLabel, XRPanel, and XRTable controls.

Report Parameter Enhancements (v19.2)

  • Date Range Parameter
    This feature received 26% of the vote in our survey.
    You’ll be able to create a date range parameter and select its value at runtime using a single editor in the parameter panel.
  • Date and Time Parameters
    This feature received 21% of the vote in our survey.
    You’ll be able to create a date or time parameter.
  • Parameter Editor Grouping
    This feature received 20% of the vote in our survey.
    You’ll be able to logically group multiple report parameters in the parameter panel (display editors in a Group Box).
  • Visibility of Parameter Editors
    This feature received 19% of the vote in our survey.
    You’ll be able to hide a parameter editor based on the value of a different parameter.

Translate Report Documents to Different Languages (v19.2)

This feature received 45% of the vote in our survey.

You’ll be able to provide different translations for report controls.

Spreadsheet & Rich Text Editor

In v18.2, we announced CTPs of both our Spreadsheet and Rich Text Editor controls for ASP.NET Core. We will officially release these products in 2019 with the following new features:

Rich Text Editor (v19.1 and v19.2)

  • Mail merge
  • Spell checker
  • Document protection
  • RTF format support
  • Printing
  • Export to PDF

Spreadsheet (v19.1 and v19.2)

  • Dialogs
  • Formula bar
  • Context menus
  • Formula auto-complete
  • Read/View modes
  • Worksheet protection API
  • Global custom functions
  • Custom in-place editor API
  • Printing
  • Export to PDF

New File Manager Control (v19.2)

We plan to add a new Explorer-like component to manage files and folders. These will ship with a client-side responsive UI and REST API for file operations. We will include a set of helpers to connect to server files system and cloud services (Azure, Amazon, Google Drive, etc).

Office File API for .NET Core (v19.1 and v19.2)

This feature received 45% of the vote in our survey.

.NET Core Support will be offered for our Word Processing, Spreadsheet and PDF Document API.

The v19.1 release will include the following restrictions: export to PDF will be partially supported and image generation of PDF documents will not be implemented for Linux.

In v19.2, we will add embedded font support for PDF documents and RTL support for our Word Processing Document API on Linux.

Visual Studio Tools

Visual Studio Project Templates with Responsive App Layouts (v19.1)

This feature received 70% of the vote in our survey.

In our v18.2 release cycle, we introduced a Drawer component and a set of responsive application layouts for Angular. We are going to replicate these layouts for ASP.NET Core and integrate them into new Visual Studio project templates.

CRUD Forms Generation in Visual Studio Scaffolder (v19.2)

This feature received 65% of the vote in our survey.

We recently introduced the scaffolding necessary to enable editing for CRUD list views (based on our DataGrid and TreeList controls). If you need to edit data objects with numerous properties, you may want to use a separate data Form instead of inline editing within the list view. We will extend the capabilities of our design time tools with a new Data Form Scaffolder.

XPO support in CRUD Web API Scaffolder in Visual Studio (v19.2)

This feature received 57% of the vote in our survey.

Our existing CRUD API scaffolder uses Entity Framework data models to generate API controllers. We hope to support XPO (eXpress Persistent Objects) as an ORM data model source in 2019.

ASP.NET Core 3 Support (v19.2)

A new major version of ASP.NET Core will be released in 2019. We will make certain that all our ASP.NET Core components, APIs, and Visual Studio tools are compatible with the updated framework and SDK.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think of our 2019 ASP.NET Core Roadmap.

The information contained within this blog post details our current/projected development plans. Please note that this information is being shared for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and does not represent a binding commitment on the part of Developer Express Inc. This roadmap and the features/products listed within it are subject to change. You should not rely on or use this information to help make a purchase decision about Developer Express Inc products.

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The following free DevExpress product offers remain available. Should you have any questions about the free offers below, please submit a ticket via the DevExpress Support Center at your convenience. We’ll be happy to follow-up.

Is there any plans to bring the classic components that work with net framework to asp netcore 3.0?

29 January 2019

mixed in a bunch of horses, people ...

DevExtreme or retired Bootstrap For ASP.NET Core?

Have to guess that first. But it is better to explicitly mention this IMHO;)

FileManager and XPO support in the wizards needed!

29 January 2019
Aleksey M (DevExpress)
Aleksey M (DevExpress)


In the Roadmap, we are talking about DevExtreme-based ASP.NET Core controls.

'Bootstrap for ASP.NET Core' is now in maintenance mode.

Regarding the 'horses, people' thing, our ASP.NET Core products might currently look somewhat fragmented and scattered over. In 2019, our top priority is to make related website pages, documentation articles, and the product itself consistent and rock-solid. We appreciate your feedback!


No, we don't plan to port classic components (WebForms controls or MVC Extensions) to ASP.NET Core 3. We'll continue to develop them for .NET Framework 4.x.

30 January 2019
Cory Crooks
Cory Crooks

Now that Razor Components are shipping as a preview release, any chance of getting some information on what you all plan to do in that area?

31 January 2019

Thank you for your great products,

I didn't see anywhere in your documentation if your DataGrid search capability supports SQL Server FullTextSearch.

31 January 2019
Aleksey M (DevExpress)
Aleksey M (DevExpress)

@Cory Crooks:

Please check the discussion about Blazor in our Support Center at


The use of the SQL Server's 'FullTextContains' operation requires additional coding.

Please contact us at

1 February 2019
Brad Baker - MMC
Brad Baker - MMC

Did I miss an article about the DevExtreme wrappers for .net core being moved out of DevExtreme?  Because isnt the .net core stuff, just helpers for the JS side lol?  Im also confused if the old subscription for devextreme applies to the wrappers?

4 February 2019
Charles Matvchuk
Charles Matvchuk

I would also like the answer's to Brad Baker's question above..?

14 February 2019
Aleksey M (DevExpress)
Aleksey M (DevExpress)

@Brad Baker, @CharlesM:

The structure of products and subscriptions hasn't been changed. A few days ago we actualized the following site pages to better describe the contents of each package:




DevExtreme HTML helpers are included into both 'DevExtreme' and 'ASP.NET' subscriptions.

Within 'ASP.NET', we additionally provide Reporting and Office Controls for ASP.NET Core.

We apologize for any confusion.

14 February 2019


Will V19.2 be released before or after .Net core release (late Sept. 2019)?



20 May 2019
Aleksey M (DevExpress)
Aleksey M (DevExpress)


Usually, we release the second major version in November. However, regardless of the .NET Core 3 and v19.2 dates, we will likely release maintenance updates with .NET Core 3.0 support around September. The exact schedule is not currently set.

21 May 2019

Thank you Alexksey for the reply.

>>However, regardless of the .NET Core 3 and v19.2 dates, we will likely release maintenance updates with .NET Core 3.0 support around September.<<

Thank you for this info. as the V19.1 will have a maintenance update after MSFT releases the .Net 3 GA to public. I believe it's towrds the end of Sept., so we can plan for that time frame.

One important question. We are starting a NEW project and based on a long blog I read on Entity Framework Core, there is a substantial breaking changes to EF, from V2.2 to V3.0. which makes sense to start the ASP.Net Core MVC 3 Preview that the V2.2.

My question is, if we create a new MVC project (with latest VS2019 16.1) does your V19.1 install and work properly in this on going ASP Previews until Sept. or do you foresee issues running V19.1 in Core 3 Preview and is best NOT to use DevEx V19.1 with current Preview?

Worst come to worst, we can just use basic ASP core TagHelpers for now until you have a maintenance release.

Thank you in advance!!!


21 May 2019
Aleksey M (DevExpress)
Aleksey M (DevExpress)


I wouldn't recommend starting a project targeting a preview version of .NET Core 3. Today we don't test ASP.NET Core controls against 3.x and cannot guarantee compatibility.

It is best to use the current LTS (long term support) release which is 2.1. In the recent ASP.NET Community Standup, ASP.NET Core developers assure that moving from 2.x to 3.0 is expected to be fairly straightforward. See approx. at 1h 07m.

22 May 2019


I greatly appreciate your suggestion, and we take your recommendations and experience very seriously.

As mentioned before, the breaking changes in EF Core from 2.2 to 3.x, was the main reason to opt for 3.x and NOT the ASP framework.

Here is the link, that kind of scared me. :-)

But now, we are re-evaluating starting with ASP.Net core 2.2, because all MSFT docs on ASP is up to 2.2 and not 3.x.

Thank you again for your transparent answers, and we will be in touch as we are going through the docs.

Speaking of docs, I hope your ASP.Net Core docs become more complete soon, as for every control, it refers to jQuery and not TagHelpers.

22 May 2019

Kanban question:

Hello Team;

We are building a SaaS application that each Tenant has his own data in the DB and all tenants share the same code running at runtime.

The app is related to monitoring the progress of different manufacturing processes. Each Tenant create their own "Process State", i.e. Item started => Panel cut => Rails attached and etc.

But another tenant might have different "Process States", so we can not hard code any state in our system, like "Job approved", "Job started", "Job Completed" and etc.

The Tenant creates their own set of states and assigns the states to each job, as it progresses through the manufacturing line.

We plan to use your Kanban board to provide mangers a view with different cards which each card is the representation of those jobs with similar "Process States".

My question is, will your system give us the ability to data bind your Kanban to our backend EF to create cards with appropriate data and heading and color that is based on runtime data (This data are the jobs traveling through manufacturing with different states (or grouped by different states))?

We are using ASP.Net Core MVC. Will it also work with SignalR as well?



24 May 2019

Hello Team;

Where can I find API on the New Gantt control CTP (v19.1), like the properties, methods and events for ASP.Net Core?

I looked here ( but could not find any info. and also looked here ( and didn't find any demo.

The only place I found was in the blog.

29 May 2019
Aleksey M (DevExpress)
Aleksey M (DevExpress)


On Kanban:

I passed your configuration requirements to the team.

This information is very useful for us. Thank you.

On Gantt:

In 19.1, we have released only WebForms and classic MVC versions. They are currently in the CTP (preview) state.



ASP.NET Core version is planned for 19.2.

31 May 2019


Thank you for passing the info. I look forward to both controls.

If you don't mind, I'd like to bring your attention to the diagram control.

Let's say, end users want to create some static diagrams for their needs and they can buy lots of Diagram tools to create those "Static" diagrams. So for us the developers to provide or compete with those mature tools don't make sense.

Now that you have developed the core of this control, I'd like to bring your attention to where this control can be very useful for "Developers", those who build apps using controls.

There are many cases that from the time data begins to flow throughout the app and this data life cycle can change according to different conditions and it status can change based on actions.

Suppose you apply for a loan, your request for the loan can first start with your credit report, depending on the credit it can go to 3 different ways. Each way can have their own actions and etc.

With your Diagram control, if each shape becomes a "Smart" shape, meaning we can attach code to each Events (OnEnter, OnClick, OnLeave), properties and actions (attaching code to do something), then users can create their own FlowActions diagram, where each shape can have certain responsibilities (code we attach to the shape) and those codes will execute as data's value decides which shape to go to and what code to execute.

For example, Credit score over 700 will go to shape A, Score >500 and < 700 goes to Shape B and <500 goes to Shape C. And Each Shape will have it's own code attached to execute.

So basically, the shapes become smart shape, because we "can" attach code for events and actions to it. If we don't they become like static shapes.

I think this will give a greater value than just offering a static flow or diagram.

Thank you for your considerations.


31 May 2019

**DevExtreme & Signature control**

Hello team;

Is there a plan (or work in progress) to provide us a "Signature" control (an HTML canvas) where we can use it in ASP.Net Core app, where the end user can draw a signature and then we can save it into the database?

Something like this

Thank you in advance

2 June 2019
Aleksey M (DevExpress)
Aleksey M (DevExpress)


Thank you for your input on the Diagram Control topic.

Regarding the Signature pad, we have a few relevant tickets in our Support Center:



3 June 2019

Thanks Aleksey!

3 June 2019

No question this time but more of appreciation for your product.

As we are studying your components (mostly compound components, like scheduling) to see how to design our backend system and DB to make sure we store and provide all properties you need, I must admit, Scheduling system offered, is one of the best ones I've seen. Very well thought out and designed. And looking forward to the Gantt control in ASP.Net Core for 19.2.

So, thank you DX Dev team for building quality controls that we, as developers can do our part building full apps with them.


8 June 2019

Q: Support for SignalR Core in Treelist & Gantt in 19.2;

Hello Team;

Is there plan to have built-in data binding support for SignalR core in TreeList (and Gantt) for 19.2 version? Or should  we approach the usage like the way Scheduler component uses like the sample you provided?



8 June 2019
Aleksey M (DevExpress)
Aleksey M (DevExpress)


> Is there plan to have built-in data binding support for SignalR core in TreeList (and Gantt) for 19.2 version?

The built-in support for SignalR data sources is in our backlog. Currently, it hasn't been prioritized or included in the roadmap.

17 June 2019

I hope it will make it to the top soon.

Thanks for all the great work you guys do at development level.

19 June 2019
Team, how is ASP.Net Core V19.2 coming? Any new news?
When do you think V19.2 will be released?

30 July 2019

Hello Team;

I have a question regarding using DevEx Theme with ASP.Net Core Application.

When we create an ASP.Net Core app via VS2019, MSFT now uses Bootstrap for themeing the entire app. Since Bootswatch is compatible with Bootstrap, we could easily replace the base CSS of the app with one of the Bootswatch themes and everything works.

However, when I look at your "Generic" or "Material" themes offered, they are not inline with Bootstrap or Bootswatch theme. So my question is, when we use DevEx controls inside our pages:

A) Is it possible for DevEx controls to use Bootswatch themes?

B) Or does DevEx have to adopt to Bootstrap structure so we can use either Bootstrap or any Bootstrap compatible themes for DevEx controls?

C) or are there any other options to use ONE theme system for the app and controls?

Test Note: I went to ThemeBuilder and exported one of the Themes to CSS and then I replaced the "Bootstrap.css" with this new exported CSS and it completly broke the app.

Thank you in advance!

30 July 2019
Aleksey M (DevExpress)
Aleksey M (DevExpress)


19.2 will be released in Q4 2019. Prior to it, we hope to make a CTP/preview release. At this point, I cannot provide you with exact dates or the list of features that will be part of the CTP. Subscribe to our blog RSS feed to get the updates from the teams as soon as we publish them.

DevExpress ASP.NET Core controls are based on DevExtreme widgets. DevExtreme themes don't use Bootstrap. Instead, we provide a tool that allows importing Bootstrap color constants and make color-consistent custom themes. To answer your question directly, there is no way to use a single theme system.

> I replaced the "Bootstrap.css" with this new exported CSS and it completly broke the app.

We'd like to understand the issue and help you resolve it. I kindly ask you to submit a ticket to the Support Center along with the details that will help our engineers to reproduce it. Please use our Support Center for further technical questions.

Thank you.

31 July 2019

Thanks Aleksey;

I will try to follow your suggestion by "Importing" Color Constants from a Bootswatch theme (Based on BS) and see if your controls adapt to those those colors. Hopefully right in Theme Builder we should see the color changes.

For technical questions, I will follow up with support.
Thank you once again!


31 July 2019

Aleksey, follow up info.

I followed your suggested tool (Theme Builder) and I was able to import _variables.scss from Bootswatch and I see all the Bootswatch colors were adopted to your controls in the Theme Builder.
From this point I should be able to save it as a custom theme, register it with DX system and all controls should use the same color as my Bootswatch colors.

Thank you for your suggestion.


31 July 2019

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