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20 March 2019

The DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap WebForms controls provide great UI and functionality for your Bootstrap enabled websites. In the latest release, we introduced the powerful DevExpress ASP.NET File Manager control to this line up.

It looks stunning too, check out this screenshot:


Supports Bootstrap

The DevExpress Bootstrap controls were designed from the ground-up to work seamlessly in the Bootstrap framework. The new File Manager control will integrate into your existing Bootstrap-based website with ease.

Cloud, FileSystem, & More

Our new Bootstrap FileManager control supports many of the same great features which are also available in the classic DevExpress ASP.NET FileManager:

  • Physical FileSystem Provider
  • Data Binding
  • Cloud Support (Azure, Amazon, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Thumbnails and Detail views
  • Role and Access permissions

Several other helpful features are built-in: uploading, downloading, filtering, and more.

It's Adaptive!

The new control also provides adaptive and responsive features which help when you're designing for different size screens like mobile and desktop.

Adaptive Demo


Test the Bootstrap FileManager demo here: Bootstrap FileManager demos.

Better yet, download the latest release and test the new File Manager in your local development environment. Then be sure to leave your feedback by dropping me a comment below, thanks.

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