ASP.NET WebForms and MVC – 2020 Roadmap

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23 January 2020


We will officially release DevExpress Gantt for WebForms and MVC in our first major release of 2020. 

Our official release (v20.1) will include the following new features: 

  • Localization support
  • New toolbar with commands to edit default items and add custom items
  • New Current Time Marker to indicate current date and time
  • Data validation support
  • Custom task color support 
  • Touch device support

In our second release of 2020 (v20.2), we’ll add the following capabilities to our Web Forms and MVC Gantt control:

  • Export Gantt content to PDF, PNG, etc.
  • Template support (Gantt chart tasks)
  • Context menu customization
  • Task Details dialog customization


We will officially ship DevExpress Diagram for WebForms and MVC in 2020. 

Our v20.1 release will include the following features: 

  • Localization support
  • Performance enhancements
  • Custom shape templates 
  • New UI that offers additional workspace for a document. This should improve user experiences on mobile and tablet devices.
  • New shapes with images designed for use in OrgCharts.
  • Dash, dot, and other types of lines for shapes and connectors 
  • Context menu support
  • Touch device support

v20.2 will include the following new features:

  • Toolbar and context menu customization
  • New API to refresh Diagram document when a data model is changed outside the component
  • Text validation in shapes and connectors
  • Automatically resize shapes based on text content
  • New API to restrict end-user operations such as shape resizing, dragging, adding or removing shapes, dragging shapes out of container, etc. 
  • Shape rotation support


Client-side PDF export (in 20.1)

New client-side export mode generates a PDF document with the same layout as that displayed within the browser. 


New Swift Point Series Type (v20.2)

Swift Point Series will be optimized for quick analysis of large input data via the use of point markers.


For more information on this feature, please review the following support tickets: T752918, S34103, Q455568.

New DateTime Scale Mode (v20.1)

Our ASP.NET Chart Control includes a configurable DateTime scale (you can exclude non-working days and time as needed). We will extend DateTime scale processing by automatically excluding intervals without data. This will simplify the DateTime scale configuration for those using financial charts.

New Series Label Display Mode (v20.1)

All XY-Diagram compatible Series will support a new label type for easier Series identification when multiple Series are displayed simultaneously.


Support percent values for Side Margins (v20.1)

For more information on this feature, please review the following support tickets: T700625, T148976.

Advanced Text Formatter for Crosshair Panel (v20.2)

You will be able to specify Crosshair label width and alignment.


Translate Report Documents to Different Languages (v20.1)

You’ll be able to localize the text displayed in report controls and specify control location and size for a chosen language. This functionality will be available for End-User Report Designer components as well.

Report Designer - Localized Report

Performance Enhancements (v20.1 – v20.2)

By refactoring our document generation engine, we expect to improve performance in terms of both memory usage and document generation speed.

Embed PDF Documents into a Report Document (v20.1)

You’ll be able to insert a PDF file into a report.

Excel Export – Html-Inspired Content Support (v20.1)

You’ll be able to export reports that contain XRLabels (with the AllowMarkupText property enabled) to Excel and preserve the content formatting.

Excel Export – RTF Content Support (v20.1)

You’ll be able to export reports to Excel files and preserve XRRichText content.

Parameter Enhancements

Bind JsonDataSource Parameters to Report Parameters (v20.1)

You’ll be able to pass report parameter values directly to JsonDataSource.

JSON Data Source - Parameter Bindings

Select All Multi-Value Parameter Values By Default (v20.1)

You’ll be able to pre-select all values for a multi-value lookup parameter.

Numeric Range Parameter (v20.2)

You’ll be able to create integer and float range parameters and filter a report’s data using a single editor in the parameters panel.

Numeric Range Parameter Editor

Parameter Editor Grouping (v20.2)

You’ll be able to logically group multiple report parameters in the parameter panel. Editors that display parameter values are placed in a Group Box.

Visibility of Parameter Editors (v20.2)

You’ll be able to hide a parameter editor based on the value used for a different parameter.

PDF Export – Visual Signatures (v20.2)

You’ll be able to define visual signatures displayed in exported PDF files using a new report control.

PDF Export - Visual Signature

Excel Export – Memory Consumption Enhancements (v20.2)

We will overhaul our Excel Export engine so you can generate large documents while consuming less memory during the export process.

RDLC Conversion Tool (v20.2)

Our import tool will allow you to convert your RDL / RDLC reports to DevExpress Reports.

Document Viewer – Anchoring of Report Controls (v20.2)

You’ll be able to use the XRControl.AnchorHorizontal property to anchor report controls when changing a report’s page settings (like orientation, paper kind and margins in Print Preview). The controls will be anchored to the specified side of a parent container.

Anchoring in Print Preview

New Barcode – Pharmacode Symbology (v20.2)

Our XRBarCode report control will support the Pharmacode symbology.

MongoDb Data Source (v20.2)

You’ll be able to bind a report to the MongoDb database.

Other Enhancements

You can expect additional enhancements across our WebForms controls and MVC extensions. We will blog about these minor enhancements as we get closer to release. 

The information contained within this blog post details our current/projected development plans. Please note that this information is being shared for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and does not represent a binding commitment on the part of Developer Express Inc. This roadmap and the features/products listed within it are subject to change. You should not rely on or use this information to help make a purchase decision about Developer Express Inc products.

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