ASP.NET Core, WebForms and MVC RichEdit - Insert RTF Content, Client PDF Printing, and Font Management (available in v20.1)

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05 June 2020

Insert RTF from clipboard

As you know, word processors like Microsoft Word can automatically send RTF content to the clipboard. In previous versions, our ASP.NET RichEdit control inserted content as HTML. This caused the loss of structural elements, such as fields, lists, and table formatting.

With our most recent release, we've introduced the ability to insert RTF from the clipboard while retaining structural elements.

Note: This new feature does not work in Internet Explorer since the browser itself does not allow you to obtain RTF content from the clipboard.

Export to PDF on the client

With v20.1, our ASP.NET RichEdit for both WebForms and MVC can export a document to PDF on the client. Exported documents will look identical to the one displayed within the browser. Our client-side PDF export feature offers the following options:

  • Export the current document to PDF and download the file (use the DownloadPdf method).
  • Obtain the exported document and modify it in code (the ExportToPdf method).
  • Print the PDF document. Our ASP.NET RichEdit exports the current document to PDF and invokes the Print dialog for the PDF file.

Our RichEdit for ASP.NET Core also includes an API to download, export, and print PDF documents.

Client-side PDF export requires you to specify a list of fonts available on the client. In this release we implemented font management functionality that helps you address this issue.

Font Management

Our RichEdit allows you to specify a custom font set and limit the number of fonts available to a user in the the control's ribbon or within its dialogs on the client side. You can supply fonts in TTF, TTC, or WOFF format. The RichEdit control can also download source files from Google Fonts on the fly.

Please refer to our documentation to learn more about font management across all supported platforms (ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET WebForms, or ASP.NET MVC)

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