Blazor Scheduler - New Timeline and Month Views, Operation Restrictions, and more (available in v21.1)

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14 June 2021

Our most recent major update - v21.1 – includes a series of new features and enhancements for the DevExpress Blazor Scheduler control.

Timeline View

The timeline displays appointments as horizontal bars along with one or multiple timescales. This calendar view offers end-users a clear and concise picture of upcoming/past events:

DevExpress Blazor Scheduler - Timeline View

Demo Documentation

Month View

The Month View allows end-users to view all events within a given month. You can also configure the Month View to display multiple months simultaneously (with the MonthCount property):

DevExpress Blazor Scheduler - Month View

Demo Documentation

Appointment Tooltip Template

Our Blazor Scheduler’s Appointment Tooltip can be used to display summary information for an appointment or change its properties. In previous versions of this control, you could not modify tooltip content. In v21.1., you can specify custom content for the tooltip via the AppointmentTooltipTemplate. To access appointment properties, simply use the SchedulerAppointmentTooltipInfo object.

DevExpress Blazor Scheduler - Appointment Tooltip Template

Demo Documentation

Operation Restrictions

Our Blazor Scheduler and Calendar control can now restrict end-user operations as necessary. For example, you can create a read only calendar view for specific user groups and give other the ability to edit, create and delete appointments. Our new API allows you to implement these usage scenarios with relative ease. Use the AllowCreateAppointment, AllowEditAppointment, and AllowDeleteAppointment properties to configure desired behaviors.

DevExpress Blazor Scheduler - Operation Restrictions

Demo Documentation

API Enhancements

We also implemented a number of enhancements to our API – they include:

What's Next

We are currently working to deliver a fully adaptive control so as to improve the mobile user experience. We’ll have more to share in this regard in the coming months. And, of course, we are planning to further extend our API and make the control even more flexible.

Should you have any questions or comments on these features, feel free to submit your feedback below.

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