The Developer Express 2007 Roadmap

22 February 2007

When someone on our newsgroups heard a rumor that we might be publishing a roadmap, he invented a great one on the spot that reads, "Developer Express Roadmap: We will release a lot of new great products between now and Q4 2010; the next roadmap will be published Q1 2011."

Yes, guilty as charged: we've been (in)famous for keeping quiet and ambiguous about what we're doing and when we're going to do it by. Well, this year, we've decided to open the kimono a little more than we've done before and have published our roadmap for 2007. You can read it here.

Of course, the roadmap should come with a Surgeon General's Warning; things are likely to change, especially the further out we looked, so please don't have a heart attack if something doesn't come to fruition. Lots of things will happen in the months ahead and, despite our best prognostications (that is, the tea leaves from my early morning cup of tea), items on the roadmap will change in scope, be postponed, or even brought forward.

I'm going to guess that publishing such a document is also going to generate a good deal of comment from our customers. We'll certainly be active in expanding and explaining certain things in the roadmap here in the blogs and on the newsgroups. Stay tuned!

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