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WPF — Early Access Preview (v23.2)
.NET MAUI — Early Access Preview (v23.2)
WinForms — Early Access Preview (v23.2)
XAF v23.2 EAP — Straightforward non-Windows Deployment, Inplace Grid Actions for Blazor, Endpoints for Business Object Methods in Web API Service
VCL v23.2 EAP — Tooltips, Label Overlapping and More in Chart Control, High DPI/SVG Enhancements, and Other Upcoming Features
.NET MAUI — Year-End Roadmap (v23.2)
WPF — Year-End Roadmap (v23.2)
XAF (Cross-Platform .NET App UI & Web API Service) — Year-End Roadmap (v23.2)
WinForms — Year-End Roadmap (v23.2)
Office File API & Office-Inspired Desktop UI Controls — Year-End Roadmap (v23.2)
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