Developer Express 2008 Roadmap is live

07 February 2008

Finally we've all agreed on the text of the roadmap for 2008 and have now published it.

A couple of points before I read and reply to all the feedback.

First thing is that DXperience Universal can still be thought of as DXperience Enterprise plus eXpressApp Framework (XAF), at least for now. However I warn you that we are laying down some plans to make it even more of a deal than it is at the moment by adding some extra services and products over and above DXperience Enterprise. I would note though that these plans are still very much in the pre-nascent stage for us to talk about them yet, even in the roadmap. Stay tuned!

Second is to emphasize that the roadmap is our best effort in estimating what we could do this year, given everything that we know at the moment. I tried reading the tea-leaves but the tea bag got in the way, my wife wouldn't let me sacrifice a chicken to look at its entrails (although our cats were very enthusiastic about the idea), and I didn't foresee my tarot cards being stolen. So please don't berate us at the end of the year saying we didn't do everything we'd promised, as someone did just recently about the update to the Express Layout control pledged last year. We'll certainly do our best, but even so I bet we'll surprise you with some new functionality we haven't talked about.

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