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19 May 2008

I see Ray trumped me with the announcement of our latest product, secret up until now: the DevExpress Silverlight Grid. So secret that we don't really have a good name for it yet. But I digress...

In the video he posted, if you can get around the shock of seeing yours truly on YouTube, you'll see a couple of screenshots of the grid in the background. Because of the resolution of the standard YouTube video is too coarse, it's hard to discern any detail.

Well, phooey to that. I went to our internal grid demo site and snapped a couple of screenshots, full size. Feast your hungry eyes on these:


This one shows our advanced grouping technology in full force, grouping over two columns. Not shown is that the drag-and-drop of column headers into the grouping panel works exactly as you'd imagine. Also not shown is the subtle animation we've added to the column and the grouping headers. The grid feels "alive" in some way.


This shot shows that the preview mode is fully available already (excuse the compressed nature of the details). Not shown is the way the image automatically grows when you hover over it, shrinking the description panel to the right.


This one shows that we have templates for cells. In particular, I'm showing the dropdown calendar that appears when editing a date value. So, yes, we have editing capabilities in the grid already.

I hasten to add, as I said in the video, that the reason our progress for this grid seems so much faster than the progress for our grid for WPF is that we've leveraged and reused all the work we'd already done for that latter grid. Since we couldn't use the standard WPF classes to get the advanced paging and user experience capabilities we needed for the WPF grid, we had to implement a lot of infrastructure and that infrastructure was easily ported over to Silverlight 2. If you like, by looking at the Silverlight grid screenshots here, you can see that the WPF grid is very much more advanced.

If you want to see the WPF and Silverlight grids in action, be sure to visit our booth at TechEd in Orlando, from June 3rd through the 6th.

And, of course, step by the booth to hear our new licensing plan for the Silverlight Grid. You'll like it.

(Aside: I think our grid team have been playing too many old Japanese anime games: "The test do here" indeed. Anyway, it shows the fact that I just ripped these shots without a lot of marketing clean-up.)

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James Hancock

When do we get a beta copy to play around with? I have a project that I need this ASAP for and I'd love to say with the Devexpress team instead of having to go to someone else for this stuff.

19 May, 2008
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)


It'll be a while yet. Certainly not before TechEd, and I would imagine that the WPF Grid will be in beta first, anyway (the beta for that will probably be just after TechEd). Also, I would strongly counsel you against using beta software for a project whose importance comes through in your message. Even in producing these screenshots, I encountered a couple of problems -- which I hasten to add are being worked on ready for the demos at TechEd -- that would make me hesitant in using it in anything but the demo program you see above. There's quite a bit to do still.

Cheers, Julian

19 May, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

"without a lot of marketing clean-up" aka hot off the presses. Smile

19 May, 2008
Rollie Claro

Wheres the WPF screen? none?

20 May, 2008
Kai Bohli

Way to go DevEx !!

I was starting to look at elsewhere for WPF/Silverlight stuff, but now that I've seen this and the video, I'll certainly wait. Knowing the great quality and flexible stuff that always have come from DevEx since the my early Delphi days. I love you guys :). Hope you'll present videos and screenshots from TechED as soon as possible when it's over.

Best wishes

20 May, 2008
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)


Getting screenshots of the WPF Grid is a little more longwinded. Since it's a little flaky at the moment, I have to set up a VM and install it in there. The SL Grid was somewhat easier: just visit the special website.

Anyway, they're on the way. All part of the setup I must do for TechEd anyway.

Cheers, Julian

20 May, 2008

So, is DevExpress making a Silverlight Scheduler control too?? I haven't see any other control vendors making this yet...

31 May, 2008
Brian Armstrong

Any update on when a beta will be ready?

Thx, Brian

3 June, 2008
waqas zahoor

gird is looking nice ...

9 June, 2008

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