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11 July 2008

Someone in WinForms R&D obviously finished his work early and decided to add something we've been talking about for a little while: formatted text for labels and such like. It's not in the Release Candidate, but will be in the v2008 vol 2 release itself.

The Label, CheckEdit, and GridView have all been enhanced to accept HTML-like markup in their text properties. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's what I'm talking about:


Obviously we're not suggesting you change all your business apps to look like ransom demands, but at least this gives a flavor of what you can do.

The look of the label above was created with this text:

<size=20><color=green>Color</color></size><br>labels<br><u>underline</u> and <b>bold</b>

The look of the third column header was created with this text:


Another thing we've added to the design-time experience with our controls is a new smart tag menu option called "Get support".


If you are online, this starts up your browser and loads the Support Center search page, passing along the name of the product you're using and the control name itself.

IE7 screenshot

Clicking on "Report a Bug" or "Ask a Question" from here will also give you forms pre-filled with the version numbers of DXperience and Visual Studio that you're developing with.

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