WinForms Charting basics: the Radar plot

26 August 2008

A quick video this one, part of a series on the different chart types available in XtraCharts. Here I discuss the three radar charts provided in our charting product: radar points, lines, and area.


[For some reason, it looks as if some demented two-year-old got hold of my mouse during this one; since it was me, I'm going to say my coffee must have been a tad strong that morning. Just a tad.]

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Steve Sharkey
Steve Sharkey

Displaying my own ignorance here (from someone who got a degree in mathematics - though it was quite a time ago now), that was probably the best demonstration of radar charts I have ever seen. It will definitely encourage me to use them more often.

27 August 2008
Gary Short (Developer Express)

"Radar Plot", is that anything to do with the Grass Knoll and the Lone Gunman?

27 August 2008
Saif Khan

For some reason, this particular chart is not that popular as it is in the scientific communities. It's a very simple and powerful cart.

I can't wait to see a bubble chart from DevExpress.

I get a kick out of looking at Julian. You can see that he enjoys doing those videos. There is that faint funny smile when he starts.....Hellooo...this is Julian...

5 September 2008

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